Alex Winter Uses Venmo To Help Fans in Need of Groceries

As Jeremy Dick of MovieWeb puts it there’s a growing list of celebrities that have been helping out where they can when it comes to the average citizen and Alex Winters has made it clear that he’s one of them as he’s been kind enough to help out those fans in need of groceries by donating through Venmo to those that sent him a direct message online in order to take advantage of his generosity. While he did help a lot of people, and it’s definitely a bonus that many people are thankful for, there are still bound to be plenty of people out there that are hurting and are in need, so it’s a hope that more and more celebrities will keep aiding those that, in a sense, are the reason they’re where they are now. Let’s be clear about this when it comes to the word ‘help’, it’s not a demand that celebrities fork over their millions to aid everyone in need, as a lot of people are doing what they can to help themselves and prioritize when it comes to how and where they spend their money. It’s definitely appreciated when a celebrity or someone with the means to do so reaches out to help people as it shows not only that they care enough about the people that help to make them famous, but also that they’re willing to dive in and do what the can for their fellow human beings. I’ve definitely been one of those criticizing celebrities that talk the talk but won’t walk the walk, but thankfully many of them that do talk are, like Alex, seeking to help and are doing what they can for people in this time of need.

It’s very easy to criticize those that have a great deal to their name and likely more than many of us, but it’s also a lot easier to be thankful when those that do have the means are helping out, which means that folks such as myself and others might need to ease up on the criticisms now and again if only to recognize that celebrities, a number of them in any case, are recognizing the seriousness of this pandemic and are reaching out on occasion to see what they can do. Alyssa Rosenberg of The Washington Post has more to say on this topic. The acts of goodwill that are being doled out aren’t something that can be demanded after all, and are something to be thankful for when thinking of just how much it can help those families in need. Many people have lost their jobs and are looking to unemployment and other programs to help them out, while many are simply trying to old on with what they have. Any help from any quarter at this point is to be appreciated, and while I’ll gladly be one of those that calls out people, celebrity or otherwise, that can help but choose not to, I’ll also be one of those writing about how great it is that folks such as Alex Winters, Keanu Reeves, Dolly Parton, Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively, and many others are doing their part to help their fans and those that simply need a reason to smile at this point. Telling stories, delivering PSA’s (which has become common), and various other activities that keep people entertained are all well and good and shouldn’t be discounted either, but there is something a little more special about actually digging in and helping people in a way that will keep their stomachs from growling and their lights on.

As of now a lot of people don’t have to worry about their bills or homes as much as many landlords have either been compelled or have done the right thing by giving people breaks when it comes to the bills, which also helps immensely even if there’s a chance that it could backfire eventually. Many people are holding out hope that within another few weeks to a month something will have been done or a vaccine might be found or SOMETHING will be done to stem the continued threat of the coronavirus. But for now, all we can really do is appreciate what others are doing to help out those who need it, and hope that good fortune will smile on the rest of us as we continue to do what’s necessary in order to just get by each passing day. The world hasn’t come to a full standstill just yet, and it’s a big hope that it never will since in order to keep people supplied, safe, and as well as possible there are many currently out there risking their health, and it’s appreciated beyond what words can describe as many would agree. But for Alex Winters and many others that are capable of helping those they can, a gracious ‘thank you’ is definitely in order.

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