The Agents of SHIELD Series Finale Proves One Thing About TV Shows

The Agents of SHIELD Series Finale Proves One Thing About TV Shows

The Agents of SHIELD series finale came after its seventh season and it ended on a note that not a lot of television shows are willing to explore. By the end of a show that had featured a lot of emotionally charged moments, fans were left both satisfied and nostalgic. The show, which premiered in 2013, explored the experiences of a group of agents who battled various threats to humanity while operating under the shadow of the Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement, and Logistics Division (SHIELD). 

The show’s finale proved that providing a satisfying, emotional conclusion to seven years of storytelling is not only possible but is exactly what fans deserve. The series gave viewers glimpses of various timelines and dimensions, but in the end, everything led back to the show’s original cast, showcasing their journey from beginning to end. 

Agents of SHIELD Choosing A Happy Ending Was a Bold and Appreciated Move

Agents of Shield Cast

The Agents of SHIELD finale could have left many fans undoubtedly devastated but the showrunners making the bold decision to give the characters a happy ending was a move that can be risky in the world of TV, where a happy ending all too often feels contrived. However, in the case of Agents of SHIELD, it was an appreciated decision that brought the characters’ arcs full circle. With a finale that served as a powerful reminder that all good things come to those who wait.

Grief is a recurring trope in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and it is not uncommon for MCU characters to endure a lot of darkness as was also seen on Agents of SHIELD. With some characters experiencing tragic losses and others struggling to find their place in a world that constantly puts them in danger. However, in its final moments, the show provided each character with a satisfying resolution, showing them happy and fulfilled in their respective futures. The show’s writing, acting, and dedication to fans are hallmarks of its success. Choosing to send the characters off on a positive note was the perfect way to say goodbye to the viewers.

Why Don’t More TV Shows Give Their Characters Happy Send-Offs?

The Agents of SHIELD Series Finale Proves One Thing About TV Shows

The TV landscape is severely lacking in happy endings likely due to the fact many shows seem to equate the dramatic with tragedy. The more tragic the ending, the more memorable it would be for viewers. This implies that a happy ending is somehow less impactful. But the truth is, a happy ending can be just as powerful when executed properly. Ultimately, TV shows entertain viewers and provide an escape from reality. This doesn’t mean they can’t tackle serious topics or have emotionally impactful moments. Happy and peaceful endings provide a refreshing change of pace from the all-too-common bleak and hopeless conclusions that many TV shows opt for.

Ultimately, it’s up to the show’s writers and showrunners to decide what kind of ending best suits their story, but they shouldn’t shy away from giving their characters the happiness they deserve. According to Dave Vitagliano of Den of Geek, Agents of SHIELD is one of the more successful TV shows in its genre. They managed to hold the attention of audiences thanks to its well-written storylines, thrilling action, and an all-star cast of characters. The acclaimed series also deliver a finale that left viewers with one particularly striking thought: TV shows can be amazing, and while nothing lasts forever, tragedy should not mark the end of all things. 

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