Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 3 Episode 15 Review: ”Spacetime”

CHLOE BENNETThis week’s episode of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. got quite compelling as Daisy Johnson gets a glimpse into a grim future which becomes important for their mission in “Spacetime”.

If there is one thing that this episode makes a very clear point in, it’s that Malick may be one of the show’s most lacklusting villains which is a shame. Powers Boothe isn’t necessarily awful with his performance, but the character just feels very wooden as everything that he says and does, has the same feeling. We have had a variety of Big Bads where they do have a unique personality and a livid tone to themselves, but Malick just doesn’t. He comes off as a classic baddie in a business suit that you normally see in background roles of TV shows and movies. For a minute there, I thought Hive was going to trick Malick and have him pay an ultimate price by asking for “power”.

When initially reading the synopsis for the episode, I really thought that the glimpses into whatever future Daisy would see would be for something that would have a pay-off in later episodes. Some of the glimpses she saw felt like season finale material with Lincoln almost beaten up to death, Daisy’s faith not being certain and more. But we see that it was a peak into an immediate future which made a more sense. Bennet does steal the show this week as she leads the episode with grace and also gives us something I can never get enough of: a one-shot fighting scene.

It’s scenes like that that makes me wish that we could have a fight like that every week, but that may be too much to ask of Bennet. The fight between her and Malick, while not a lot, was one of the show’s emotional ones that also, oddly enough, had a cinematic feeling to it. It’s one of those scenes that you have to see to really understand what I mean. Either way, it had me worried about Daisy’s faith, even though it was almost a certainty that she would make it out alive, although you never know with shows like this. While she sadly wasn’t able to save the Inhuman who gave her the visions, she does get one more that shows us what we saw in the mid-season premiere. Now she knows what we know, but the fact that she was able to see that moment, has me worried if it is Daisy that is actually in that ship, in the flash-forward.

The moment that many of us have seen coming finally arrived as Andrew turned himself in as he was about to transform into Lash permanently. As much pain as a lot of these characters has gone through over the series as well as this season, May is the one that I feel devastated for. Every time we get to see May have an emotional moments, which are limited because of who May is, they end being that episode’s tearjerker and this time was no exception.  Wen and Underwood killed it in their final moment as May loses Andrew forever as Lash takes over and something tells me that May’s pain is only just beginning.

Lastly, another moment that we get is Coulson learning about Ward’s new status as Hive has taken over. Speaking of Hive, I believe someone must have given him a copy of The Matrix because his new costume feels very Neo inspired, which isn’t bad per say, just funny. I would literally give money to see a scene where someone like Hive, was just put in front of a TV and was watching a movie like The Matrix, just to see how he would respond to it. Either way, the team now knows about him and it has me even more excited for when they finally all meet him in person.

Overall, while Malick proved how unnecessary he is as a villain, “Spacetime” was a powerful episode that is definitely starting to bring things and plots together as we get to the end of this season.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. airs on Tuesday nights, 9/8c on ABC.

[Photo: ABC/Kelsey McNeal]



Daisy Johnson gets a glimpse into a dark future as Hive grows stronger in this week’s episode of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

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