Agent Carter Season 2 Episode 10 Review: “Hollywood Ending”

Agent Carter Season 2 Episode 10 Review: “Hollywood Ending”

Agent Carter S210After a solid and strong second season, ABC’s Agent Carter concluded its second year last night in its season finale as Peggy and her friends goes up against Whitney Frost as well as the threat that is Zero Matter.

For the past two weeks, as we have gotten two episodes back to back last Tuesday and the one before that, there was so much that had come together and that needed to be concluded in the finale. I wasn’t sure how else they would have done it, but I was a little letdown with how they took down Whitney, although I could get behind the way they did it, but no so much how the effects looked when the Zero Matter was sucked out of her body into the hole. I think maybe I was just expecting some sort of fight between Peggy and her in their final encounter, but I suppose that it would have been a little pointless if Whitney was still on Zero Matter which could have hurt Peggy.

I always appreciate whenever Dominic Cooper gets to come back into the role as Howard Stark because I simply love how cocky he is and how he gets with other characters. Even though this is Peggy’s show, I sometimes wish that Howard would have been able to be around more often, but I get that Cooper is a busy man, including with his new comic book show Preacher on AMC. It’s actually that interaction with Jarvis that I always love to see whenever he is back on the show because, remember, he is Howard’s butler, yet we barely see or hear much of it. I also loved Jason and Howard’s back and forth banter, which in the end of the finale turned into them heading off to work together.

The whole deal with shutting down the rift the gang opened through the gamma cannon made me think a little about the season one finale of The Flash when they also opened a big rift in the sky, but not too much. The minute Sousa volunteered to close it manually at the danger-zone, I was terrified that this would be it for him. Since we don’t know if this will be the last season or not of this show, if we had lost someone as great as Sousa so soon, it would have hurt even more. Luckily, Peggy and the entire team, in what was one of my favorite moments of the finale, all got in there to help him from getting sucked into the rift. In addition, they did sacrifice Howard’s hover-car with the gamma cannon inside of it to close it so that helped too.

With all of that, the story comes to an end with Whitney being admitted into a mental institution after having gone completely insane because of the Zero Matter. Sousa and Peggy embrace the love between the two of them in a big kiss and she decides to stay in Los Angeles. But we can’t end without a big cliffhanger as a mysterious shooter takes down Thompson and steals the file on Peggy as the episode fades into black. Whether he is dead or not, I can’t really say I was devastated because Thompson has never been a character that I connected with in any way so if this was it for him, there isn’t much to say. But the mystery of the unidentified shooter intrigues me and makes me curious towards what new threat this could be, should the show be granted a third season.

Overall, this was a solid ending to a much stronger season where you had a lot of new enjoyable characters to go along with this already amazing cast and it was a powerful story all-together. It’s hard to say whether or not this show will be given a third season, with the ratings having been a bit of a letdown for ABC. In addition, with Hayley Atwell now also signed up for a new ABC pilot (even though she has gone on the record to say that she can do both, should both shows be picked up by the network), we just won’t know for a while what will happen. But hopefully this isn’t the end for this beloved hero as there is more story to tell and who knows, if not ABC, maybe Netflix will give it a third year as part of their Marvel/Netflix line-up.

Agent Carter’s future will be determined at this year’s ABC Upfront which will take place sometime in May. Don’t miss the spring premiere of ABC’s other Marvel series, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. which returns next Tuesday, March 8, 9/8c.

[Photo: ABC/Kelsey McNeal]

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