A Supercut of “Supermoon” Scenes in Movies

A Supercut of “Supermoon” Scenes in Movies

A Supercut of “Supermoon” Scenes in Movies

For a long, long time people have been fascinated by the moon and have continued to view it as something that’s both impressive and majestic since it’s been used in all forms of media and many have used the moon for its factual and romanticized appearance. The size of the moon and how close it is to the earth has been a bit of irritation to those that know a little better just what it can do to the tides however, since the closer the moon is, the more problems will arise from the tidal pull that it exerts on the earth’s oceans. In fact, if the moon were even a little bit closer it’s likely that during high tide many low-lying areas would flood horribly and cause an untold amount of damage. This was actually made apparent in the movie Bruce Almighty with Jim Carrey and Jennifer Aniston when Bruce, imbued with the powers of God, decided to pull the moon a bit closer to earth, and in the process created a massive flood on the other side of the world. The earth’s natural satellite is indeed rather beautiful at times and serves as a constant reminder of the creation of this place and what it comes with, but there are times when paying the kind of attention that so many feel is necessary can be kind of naive and oblivious to the idea that our world would suffer quite a bit if the orb in the sky was any closer.

There’s no doubt that the moon has been seen as important as a part of the backdrop, a conversation-starter, and basically a part of many interesting stories, but throughout the many years that people have taken note of the moon, everything from mild utterances to entire movies have been made concerning the natural satellite. It’s an impressive feature that comes with the earth and in movies, it’s been seen as one of the more photogenic and impressive sights that have helped many a scene become lodged in our memories for many years. Something about the moon, some quality, calls to some people, even if there is no firm, medical proof that the moon has any real effect on a human being. In a sense, the reason why some people behave differently when a full moon is shown has more to do with their own behavior than anything that might be related to the moon. A lot of folks have taken to wondering if madness has anything to do with the moon, but to this day there are no solid conclusions that this is even possible.

The truth is that some people do feel some sort of connection to the moon, but again, it’s likely more of a belief than any actual connection, since looking up at a full moon can get some people a bit anxious, while others will think nothing of it. It’s a giant orb in the sky to some people, nothing more and nothing less, and while it does have a purpose and an effect on the world we live in, many would claim that it’s a big hunk of rock that isn’t any more interesting than anything else and that it’s not worth revering in any way. There are those that are so unpoetic in their thinking that they would in fact condemn pretty much anything other than the most factual data concerning the moon, but thankfully those of us that do have imagination can take something like the moon to new heights provided we use the orb in a manner that is somehow impressive and can attract a great number of people. After all, the moon is an impressive part of the universe we live in, and while it might be mundane compared to a lot of the other planets that people have studied over the years, it’s still something that people tend to wax on and on about since it’s there, it shows itself in several different ways, and it’s definitely open for interpretation and storytelling in a big way.

Using it as a backdrop is usually impressive does tell a story in its own right, but a lot of people simply like the way it looks and the fact that it’s used as a massive prop. It’s been used to push the story in a lot of movies too and has been the focus in some movies, which tends to even a lot of things out to be sure. But when talking about the moon one can easily assume that when it comes to movies it’s going to be seen insanely large quite often since people tend to like this image, but they wouldn’t enjoy what would happen if the moon happened to be that close. It’s fine right where it is.

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