A Punisher Team-Up Series Reportedly Coming to Disney Plus

A Punisher Team-Up Series Reportedly Coming to Disney Plus

If anyone’s wondering how this could possibly work it doesn’t take too much imagination since Moon Knight and the Punisher have worked together in the past before and they’ve been on good terms, if not necessarily friendly ones at all times. Let’s just say they’re not trying to kill or beat the living hell out of each other all the time. But as Matt Joseph of We Got This Covered reveals it does sound as though Marvel might be planning a show for Disney+ that will see these two iconic antiheroes, because that’s what they are like it or not, to team up on their network. How the show will be structured is hard to say but seeing Daniel Radcliffe as Marc Spector aka Moon Knight and Jon Bernthal return as Frank Castle aka the Punisher would be something that might get a lot of people back on board and even help Disney+ out since there are still quite a few subscribers that decided to up and leave following the conclusion to the first season of The Mandalorian. If Disney really wants to keep people around they kind of need to start pulling the trigger on a few of the shows that they have planned, otherwise the content they have is great enough for a lot of people that picked up Disney+ for their own enjoyment or that of their kids, but it could backfire on them if new content isn’t seen to come out in a timely manner.

This is a big reason why Netflix and Amazon and other networks are still popular since they have continuously new shows and movies coming out that people want to see or at least check out in order to see something new and engaging. The idea of seeing Daniel Radcliffe joining the MCU is something that a lot of people are excited about and for good reason since his post-Harry Potter days have shown that he still has an abundance of skill and the experience needed to create characters that are believable even if the movies they’re in aren’t. Jon Bernthal has been coming up in a big way as well and it was kind of surprising as well as disappointing when his show was canceled on Netflix. But given how much of a shakeup has been going on around Disney after their purchase of Fox and their subsequent launching of Disney+ it makes a little more sense as to how they’ve been playing things thus far. Still, if they were going to think about bringing Frank Castle back it might have assuaged the hurt feelings of a lot of fans given that a lot of people were really enjoying the hardcore feel of the Punisher. He’s been one of the least PC heroes throughout the history of Marvel and in to be fair he was a breath of fresh air since watching heroes beat up the bad guys and sometimes let them continue to exist on the taxpayer’s dollar is kind of old and played out at times.

The release date for this project isn’t something that can really be predicted unfortunately since the idea is still in the process of being fleshed out, but one thing that’s very certain is that if Moon Knight and the Punisher do end up crossing paths and teaming up there aren’t a lot of bad guys in their league that are going to be able to stand up to them. In terms of who’s more brutal it’s kind of a toss-up if you go for sheer brutality since Frank has never pulled any punches when it comes to how he deals with criminals. When it comes to their methods and the gear they use it’s still kind of a toss-up since Frank tends to be more capable of using what’s on hand while Moon Knight tends to have a lot of expensive gadgets and toys that he can bring to bear, almost like the Marvel answer to Batman in a sense. Yes, yes, of course Iron Man is also considered Marvel’s answer to Batman, but Marc Spector is just as dark and brooding as the dark knight, so the similarities are a little easier to notice. With that being said though it’s kind of hard to see Disney really getting on board with any of their characters being so hardcore if they are in fact bringing Moon Knight in, so he might be tough, but it’s not likely that he’ll be as brutal as he’s been seen. This could be a problem unfortunately as the Punisher has always been known as a hardcore individual, as has Moon Knight for the most part. If it’s on Disney+ however the chances are that the network will be looking to dull them down just a bit in order to appease parents and not scare the living daylights out of the younger kids. Of course when you see what kids watch now it’s kind of hard not to think that this restraint isn’t really needed. Adam Barnhardt of Comic Book has more on this matter.

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