A Compilation of Some of the Funniest News Bloopers of 2019

A Compilation of Some of the Funniest News Bloopers of 2019

A Compilation of Some of the Funniest News Bloopers of 2019

Even the people that deliver the news aren’t immune to a few gaffes now and again since slips and fits of the giggles do tend to happen now and again. It’s hard to stifle a case of the giggles when people on the set are already laughing and a slip has been allowed to taint the scene. The only difference between the movies and TV shows and the news is that we often get to see the bloopers from movies and TV with the understanding that it does happen pretty much all the time, but with the news we somehow expect the anchors to be on top of everything and ready to perform without a single fault. Yeah, it doesn’t always happen that way. Sometimes people get to talking too quickly and mix up one word with another, sometimes they get a serious case of the giggles from one word that’s either mispronounced or accidentally allowed to slip in, and then again there are just those times when you can’t help but slip up and it becomes a very noticeable mistake that everyone is going to key up on and will either have a laugh at or will do their best to ignore and keep moving on.

A good point to mention is that the newsroom isn’t all serious and it’s not all drama apparently since plenty of news teams definitely tend to get along and have a great deal of respect for each other unlike some of the drama we’ve been hearing about as of late that occurred years before and is just coming to light. When you think about how many cities there are in the US and the fact that many if not all of them have their own news teams that will focus on local and wider news sources it’s not hard to think that some of them might be a bit looser with their standards, but not in a bad way. It’s a career, a job, a profession, and as such a lot of people are going to take it seriously and make sure they give it their absolute best. But we’re human after all, and mistakes do happen and sometimes they’re good-natured and innocent enough that it produces a good laugh even if that wasn’t the desired effect. Lee Moran of Huffpost would probably agree with this. Mixing up words after all is quite easy when many words in the English language do sound alike and can slip quite easily into a newscast. Then however there are times when news teams decide to play pranks on each other, even on the air, and in a good way this is indicative of people being able to play around with each other and just have a good time. Most of the time though they are trying to be as professional as possible and simply make mistakes here and there that are forgivable and unfortunately do cause a good bout of laughter to run through the news room.

When you think about it though these are only the bloopers for 2019, and they’re not a comprehensive list of everything that’s gone down throughout the year since that would likely take hours of footage to cover and might even bore some folks to tears since some of the bloopers are kind of ho-hum while others are hilarious since the slips that occur are the type that you can honestly see a lot of news anchors pulling from time to time simply because they’re talking too fast and manage to trip up on a word here and there. Being a news anchor doesn’t mean that you’re going to be perfect by any means since mistakes happen in pretty much any job, and this one is a little more forgivable since if it’s a genuine mistake it’s easy enough to apologize and move on, even if those on the internet that tend to monitor and comment on anything they don’t like or think is controversial might decide to blast such moments for one thing or another. In the news room it is easy enough to stop, back up, and simply apologize for a slip since it can and does happen obviously and it’s not the end of the world. Randall Colburn of AV Club would likely concur with this idea.

Sometimes it feels as though we want too much from our news anchors and that can lead to them feeling stuffy and not as easy to relate to since they’re more like talking heads that spew out news that we may or may not care about. When it’s shown that they can make mistakes and get caught up in a fit of laughter over something juvenile it’s a little easier to like them in that moment since it proves that they’re not some mindless automaton that’s reading the prompter but a fallible human that can be professional but can also enjoy a good laugh now and again.

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