A How I Met Your Mother Spinoff is Coming to Hulu

If anything trips up the spinoff to How I Met Your Mother it’s bound to be the fact that it is a spinoff in the first place and while some shows that are born from others have done quite well, others have struggled to find any solid footing in the wake of the original show. HIMYM was an extremely popular show in its time and has been off the air for a while now, but the idea to bring in a show titled How I Met Your Father is bound to excite some fans and make others wonder what in the world the writers are thinking. Some might actually be pumped to see Hilary Duff take on the role of Sophie since she’s continued to be a favorite star of many and is definitely ready to take on this project and make it into something that will hopefully rival the original, or at the very least measure up to HIMYM. As one can probably guess it will explore the dynamic between Sophie and her group of friends as they navigate their way through life and eventually head towards the collision course that will mirror the original show in an attempt to tell a different but similar story that will entertain those that have been missing HIMYM for the last 7 years. Some might say it’s a fitting continuation to an idea that a lot of people found endearing and were more than happy to follow, but there are bound to be a few naysayers out there that might think that this idea has been done and is over with at this time. Obviously the latter won’t be in abundance since more than a few people are fully ready and willing to continue the story ideas that have proven to be the most effective.

A lot of people are likely to remark that we haven’t seen a lot of Hilary Duff over the years, but the truth is that she’s been keeping pretty busy, even if she hasn’t always been seen as she used to be when she was younger. For a while, she was one of the hottest up-and-coming artists of her time, but after a while, it feels as though she dropped off the map for one reason or another. This occurred quite a bit when she stepped into acting, but to her credit, she’s stuck it out and has been doing quite well over the years, even if a lot of other projects have been straight to video for a while. How I Met Your Father could be a huge return to prominence for Duff since it’s fair to say that this show if it works as planned, could be something that people will embrace in a big way. As the star of the show, it’s also likely that if everything goes well that people will be talking about her again and we’ll be seeing more and more of her as the days roll by. It’s funny how show business works since as a singer, Duff was definitely popular thanks to her amazing voice and the fact that she had a look and a presence that helped her out immensely when it came to building and maintaining a reputation. But after a while her fame did dwindle just a bit, and when she made her way into acting it was kind of obvious that it might be a bit of a struggle, as she took on movies that were meant to capture the attention of the audience but in many ways forced her career to fall flat just a bit. Kudos to Duff though for sticking it out and shifting her career in such a big way since at the age of 33 she’s still very much a part of pop culture and is taking a big step forward with this spinoff.

In all honesty, the prospects for this show don’t sound as great as many people might be hoping, simply because it’s essentially creating the flipside of the original show and putting a lot of hope on the idea that people will flock to the program the same way they did to HIMYM. There’s also the idea of whether the content will be able to maintain the same feel of the original show and even feature some of the same jokes, content, and overall feel since like it or not, things have changed since HIMYM first started, and what might have felt commonplace a little over a decade ago might not be as acceptable today. It’s something that will have to handled with care no doubt since whether anyone likes it or not, the social landscape has changed in a big way, and it’s bound to be reflected in the show, which means that what we see could be very different indeed.

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