A Few Things We Can Expect from Billions Season 5

One would think that the more money a person has the easier they can get out of each and every problem that comes along, but as we’ve seen with the show Billions that’s just not the case and in fact the problems only get worse as time goes on and the money continues to accumulate. As of season 5 the Showtime series will be changing yet again as the morality of big business in the Big Apple will continue to unfold and the ongoing saga of Bobby Axelrod is told as he and his protege, Taylor Mason, continue to try and outdo each other as Q.V. Hough of ScreenRant reminds us. Pride and the promise of financial gain are, as always, on the line as the two go back and forth at one another in a struggle for dominance as the battle continues. In the meantime Chuck Rhoades is still struggling with his marriage and somehow balancing that with trying to maneuver his way around his political opponents. Wendy Rhoades is the all-seeing eye, or is trying to be in relation to those around her, as her medical license is under review at the time, and US Attorney Bryan Connerty is continuously doing his own things on the down low in an attempt to cut Chuck off at the knees. In other words, just about everyone is out to watch their back and/or take out their intended opponents, and money is either the reason for it or a useful resource that each one of them uses like a weapon at some point.

A lot of that is par for the course for this show, but there are a few things to expect in this upcoming season, and one of them is that it will continue to be nominated for one award after another. Whether it will win or not is another matter, but the notice that is given to various shows such as this and those that are able to keep the attention of the audience is enough to take into consideration. Another expectation is that the show will return in March as the two preceding seasons have done. The premiere is likely to be on the 22nd or 29th of March depending on the decision of the network, but at this point it’s not known as of yet. Thankfully it will be soon for all those fans wanting to know what’s going to happen.
On top of that the main cast members will be returning but there will be a few new faces as well added to the roster for the coming season. Julianna Margulies and Corey Stoll will be throwing their hats in the ring so to speak as Margulies takes on the role of a sociology professor and Stoll shows up as a business mogul. Roma Maffia will also be stepping in to play the part of Manhattan District Attorney, and Daniel Breaker will be coming on as well. Chaitra Krishnamurthy of Meaww has more to say on the matter.
In season 4 it was established that Chuck set up US Attorney Connerty and thankfully that matter has been resolved for the moment. That allows the focus to shift to Taylor’s everyday activities at Axe Capital. The thought on this is that Bobby is going to be watching his back to make sure that Taylor isn’t looking for a chance to hamstring him when he’s not looking while Wendy will be the support line that sticks around just in case. Can anyone imagine what this would be like in real life? It would be enough to make a person neurotic trying to ascertain just who was out to get you and who was being genuine. But as far as the show goes it’s been great entertainment thus far. The game of cat and mouse between Chuck and Wendy and Bobby and Taylor makes the show for the most part as a lot of it becomes extra and entertaining but not as necessary at times considering that the dynamics between said characters is intense and able to carry the show on its own. Andy Swift of TVLine has a few thoughts of his own on the upcoming season.
That being said however the probability of a wild card character in the form of Grigor Andolov, played of course by John Malkovich, would be hard to deny since his re-entry into the series would shake things up in a big way, as would the resurgence of Rebecca Cantu, played by Nina Arianda, who has a grudge to bear against Bobby. There’s a lot to watch for in this upcoming season and no lack of material since the characters and their story lines have come a long way in establishing just why money causes as many problems as it can solve, and why those that have it will stop at nothing to keep it. The next season should be kind of a thrill since there’s so much happening at this point.

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