A Brothers in Arms TV Show is in Development

A Brothers in Arms TV Show is in Development

The history of adapting video games to the big or small screen is kind of hit and miss in Hollywood since too often it’s seen that the source material isn’t always followed and if it is then things become insanely cheesy and just don’t work anyway. But as Zak Wojnar of Screenrant writes, the effort is being put in to make sure that Brothers in Arms is bound to be just as entertaining on screen as it was in the video game. People have been hooked on war games for a long time now, but there’s something different about Brothers in Arms, and it’s the fact that it delved a little deeper into its characters and gave them back stories and issues that people came to care about up until the game started changing a little too much for the liking of the fans. When it was left to sit following an entry that just didn’t click with fans a lot of folks might have thought that BiA was over and done with, but thankfully someone has come along with the idea to make the attempt at turning it into a TV series that will grip the people again and get them interested once more in the overall idea. It’s worth a shot really since the story was gripping and the fact that people started caring about the characters was also quite a bit different since it could be said to have kicked off a style of gaming that made a few other games just a bit better.

War games have been a favorite of many gamers throughout the years and there are various reasons why. The first person shooter aspect of some is great of course while the competitive nature of some of these games coupled with the idea of confronting and defeating an enemy is another. But everyone has their own opinion when it comes to said games and while there are plenty of those that simply enjoy the idea of a good story and a compelling experience, others are just there to blow stuff up and get as many kills on screen as they can. Brothers in Arms is a bit different since it focuses on historical aspects and is a little more realistic in some sense, which is why it’s perfect to turn into a TV show. The hope though is that the show will stick to the source material as much as possible and not go too far off base as other video game adaptations have done. It didn’t fare so well for the game when it decided to go off course since players grew disinterested and weren’t willing to continue, but as far as a TV show goes it could suicide the show from the start if it’s not treated like another war drama that carries the name of a game that people happen to enjoy.

What people are no doubt wanting to see is a faithful representation of the game and something that will remind them of why they managed to get into it in the first place. Patrick Shanely of The Hollywood Reporter has more to say on this subject. War movies and TV shows aren’t hard to like if they’re done well and are accurate enough to really catch the notice of those that know better when it comes to history. Those that are knowledgeable enough when it comes to the time period that the game is set in can usually tell if something is off or if the game is keeping close enough to the timeline since there are definite cues that allow a person to see just when the battles are taking place and where. Considering that some people are either major history buffs or simply know their geography and history, this show is going to have to do whatever it can to make sure that it clings to the best parts of the game possible in order to get people interested enough to stick around after the first episode. It goes without saying that any war production that fails to grasp the needed elements that people enjoy and actually know something about isn’t going to go too far if it’s found to be lacking in critical details. Given that there’s plenty of material to go on and more than enough research that can be done to confirm the accuracy of certain elements it shouldn’t be too hard for this project to come together and become a well-liked show, especially since plenty of people happened to enjoy the game.

There’s a lot of faith that goes into making a show such as this and it has more to do with the fans than it does with those that are in charge of making it come to life. The fans will, after all, be the ones that allow the show to sink or swim, so it’s a big hope that Brothers in Arms will come out swinging for the fences.

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