First Person POV Ride On A 90,000 Piece LEGO Roller Coaster

From a first person POV this LEGO roller coaster is an impressive sight and a fun ride to contemplate. Built out of 90,000 LEGO’s this wild ride is something that you might like to see in an actual amusement park. Imagine if there was a LEGO land that was filled with these kind of constructions. Obviously the tracks and everything would have to be constructed out of something other than plastic LEGO’s, but the idea of making it all look like a LEGO track would be absolutely awesome. The things that people do with LEGO’s is simply amazing, and the level of imagination and engineering is hard to fathom for anyone that’s never been into it.

Does anyone remember playing the LEGO sets when we were kids? I’m not talking about the boxed sets they have now, I’m talking about the old jumble of colorful blocks and various shapes that we had back in the day that many parents would keep in giant tubs to keep them all contained. Remember the fun we used to have? And then there would always be those kids that took things to a different level either because they were just that smart or had parents that guided them when it came to building things that few people could really understand when it came to understanding the mechanics of it. We would sit there and stare in wide-eyed wonder at whatever these kids had made and try to figure out just how they’d managed to do it. For the rest of LEGO’s were something that you just kind of played with and made what you could. If you could see it taking shape then it was easy to make something out of nothing, but if you had to go from a picture in your head then things got a bit harder.

That’s the difference between many people though, some can see what they want in their mind and use it as a schematic to form whatever it is in real life. Others have to have that schematic front and center in front of their face to get anything done, and some even need to have someone else instruct them on how to do it. For something like this roller coaster however someone really needs to have a good mental picture and likely a set of schematics at the same time to make sure that everything goes where it’s supposed to. It might even take a few people to complete something like this since the time involved would be insane for just one person, hours upon hours and perhaps even a month or so. But obviously it’s worth it once the entire thing is done and able to run. The POV experience almost feels real in some senses but obviously you can tell the difference from the fact that LEGO’s couldn’t support a human being and everything is to scale. I know, duh.

But beyond all that, this is really impressive and I have to say I’m a bit jealous when I see it. All I ever made out of LEGO’s was a multicolored castle. Ah well.

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