90210 2.11 “And Away They Go!” Recap

So the last fifteen to twenty minutes of 90210 was the best of the entire season for me. I don’t know any other story arc that took as long to come to completion as the reveal of Jen’s backstabbing of Naomi. I nearly jumped out my seat when the girl got her just deserts. And the Wilson kids are reunited. Yeah! Now let’s hope Dixon beat the living hell out of Jasper and send him to whatever institution that is holding The O.C.‘s Oliver and Gossip Girl‘s Georgina Sparks.

The Set Up

Navid wakes up in the hospital to family and friends, but no Adrianna. Awww. But Navid can’t remember what happened to him as far as if he fell or if he tripped over his feet.

Naomi leaves the hospital and ends up in the elevator with Liam and Ivy. The conversation is awkward and Ivy gives Naomi the evil eye the entire time.

And where is Adrianna in all this chaos? Drugged. OUT!

She awakes to a gazillion missed phone calls from Naomi, one saying that Jackie was taken to the hospital, the second that Jackie died, and the last informing her of Navid’s accident. Can I just go on the record that I am pissed about how they handled Jackie Taylor’s death?

Anyway Adrianna jumps out of her bed and throws on some clothes. She reaches for her pills, but trashes them. Good girl!

Reap What Ya Sow!

Jen comes and visits Ryan Matthews at school. She invites him to the races with her and Naomi to try out the prize horse she bought with Naomi’s money. Ryan Matthews doesn’t know this though and agrees to go. Ivy, who had been spying, runs and tells Liam that she has a idea on how to get Jen. Later though, Ivy asks Liam if his reasoning behind bringing Jen down has anything to do with any left over feelings for Naomi. He declares that it isn’t and the two kiss, but Teddy walks in. So much for their secret sex romps, because Bless Teddy’s heart, his mouth is like an elephant on Ex-Lax.

Silver, Naomi, Ryan Matthews, and Jen show up at the races for a day of fun. Dixon, Ivy, and Teddy show up for a day of Ocean 11 type antics. Jen introduces Naomi to their horse’s rider, who Jen wanted to set Naomi up with. Problem is that dude is like one inch from being a dwarf, or as Naomi said, “A Napoleon complex”. Though he is small, the guy spouts a lot of big talk about being endowed… in racing horses that is.


Later, Naomi meets up with Silver and as the girls talk, Naomi is approached by a server bearing gifts from a secret admirer. Thefirst gift is a scarf, the second a Tiffany necklace. Naomi asks the guy who is the admirer (out of fear that it is the Napoleon), but he never reveals the ‘culprit’. Elsewhere, the group of Dixon, Teddy, and Ivy wait for Liam to show up. Dixon voices what probably every viewer of the show was wondering since it happened: why the hell did Liam erase the convo between him and Jen in the first place? Ivy says that the guy she hired to retrieve the message is so good that he can save anything. Liam finally shows up and says everything is in place for the bringing down of Jen, who hears the whole thing. Hmmm…

To do damage control, Jen corners Liam and the two of them have a talk. Meanwhile, Naomi gets another gift and this time it’s a big hat. While Jen rambles on about how naive Naomi is and how Liam is an idiot for crossing her, she also smashes Liam’s phone. After this, Liam gets the signal from Dixon.

Naomi is led into an expensive room to wait for her ‘secret admirer’, but finds two figures standing outside the door, one of them Jen saying how Liam wasn’t all that in bed and that Naomi will never find out. Naomi opens the door and Jen can only shut her trap. After she clarifies that it was her who slept with Liam, Jen silently leaves after Naomi tearfully tells Jen she never wants to see her again. Teddy, Ivy, and Dixon arrive and they all congratulate each other, but for Liam the ceremony is short-lived as he sees Naomi in pain and crying. After being comforted by Silver, Naomi runs to talk to Liam.

Jen runs to talk get Ryan Matthews and leave, but Dixon already hipped Ryan on the game. He is appalled and disgusted by Jen’s antics, especially her sleeping with a high school student. Ryan Matthews is the only person I know who brings work home and to clubs with him. Anyway, he is doubly pissed when he finds out that Jen used Naomi’s money to buy that horse. He leaves her ass standing in the cold, even after she declares that Ryan was changing her into a better woman. Aww. Pick up your face, babe.

Ivy walks up to Liam and wonders why he is not celebrating and Liam says that he feels bad for Naomi, who appears behind the two. Ivy sees her and goes in for a kiss from Liam. Naomi gets the message and leaves. Liam on the other hand wonder what happened to their deal of a secret romance, but Ivy plays dumb. I’m gonna have to watch out for this Ivy chick…

Back at Silver’s, Naomi moans about how she might have lost the love of her life. She then picks up her phone after Silver leaves and calls someone. She asks for them to pick up, because she owes them a HUGE apology and she says, “I’m so sorry, Annie…” and I applaud like a crazed idiot.

Bout damn time!

Somebody, PLEASE Kill Jasper! PLEASE!!!!!

Annie tells Jasper the latest gossip on Navid’s condition, but Jasper is so on edge that he snaps at her to get to the point of whether or not if Navid remembered anything. She tells him she doesn’t know and he walks off.

He later tries to sweet talk info from Adrianna, who got the cold shoulder from Navid earlier. She tells him that Navid apparently doesn’t remember a thing. So Jasper goes to make up with Annie, who eats it up like a love sick psycho. He kisses her and as she walks off, Harry Wilson stops her and demands to have a talk with her.

Later that night after Annie back talks her parents, they ground her. The next day she is being extra mean and whines about not being able to go to a chemistry study group due to her constraints. Debbie offers to drive Annie, but I feel bad for Debbie, who has to deal with Annie’s garbage and Dixon’s tomfoolery. Anyway, Debbie drops off Annie, who claims she will find another way home. But after Debbie drives off, Jasper pulls up and the two go to the beach and make out. Back at home, Debbie finds Annie’s chemistry book while washing clothes. Dumbass…

Later, Annie is cornered by Harry and Debbie about the lie, but Dixon strolls in and says that he misplaced his chemistry book, saving Annie’s ass. Yeah, I did a whiplash movement as well.

Dixon, fresh off taking down Jen, apologizes profusely about how he hasn’t been a good brother to Annie. He then reveals to Annie who slept Liam and the two bond over the revelation. Bout. Damn. TIME!!!

Silver and Teddy Sitting In A Tree…

Silver talks to Naomi about the surrealism that is losing her mom, which I am still pissed about, 90210 writers. There is a knock at the door and Naomi answers it. She finds flowers left there by Teddy, who didn’t come to the funeral, which puzzles Naomi, because Teddy was dressed up as if he was coming while they were at the hospital.

Silver finds Teddy releasing stress on the rooftop of the school by hitting tennis balls. She asks him why didn’t he show up and he tells her that he didn’t attend his mother’s funeral as well. He goes on to say that he went to the church and everything, but couldn’t get out of the car. He declares himself a coward and Silver tells him otherwise and seals her declaration with a kiss. She later jokes about them being in a relationship and Teddy nearly has a heart attack. Umm. Does our Golden Boy have relationship issues? Me thinks he does!

While the caper is going on at the race tracks, Teddy can’t help but stare at Silver every chance he gets. But he finds Silver and Dixon, who made up and are cool with each other again, and thinks that Silver maybe not over Dixon.

Come on, Teddy! Fight for once, dammit!!!

Navid and Adrianna = M.I.A.

As Navid lays in the hospital, Adrianna comes to see him. She apologizes and admits that she was getting stoned, but Navid is not buying it and sends her on her way. Adrianna leaves and tries to get in contact with Silver and Naomi, both who are pissed that Adrianna didn’t show up for the funeral. Silver doesn’t have ANYTHING to say to her and Naomi tells Adrianna that she needs to kick some serious rocks. Just when I think Adrianna is going to relapse, she digs the pills out of the garbage can and flushes all of them. GOOD GIRL! In the mirror is not a face of a junkie, but one of determination.

She returns to see Navid and admits that she screwed up things for them, because she is not comfortable when things are going well. I don’t understand, but Navid does. Adrianna also says that she is serious about being clean and she will be the friend that Navid needs. She says all of this with dignity and with confidence. My girl is back!

But while Navid is being filled in on the drama of Jen, he has a memory of Jasper’s boots being the last thing he saw when he blacked out and claims to know who pushed him.

Does he? Or is he going to finger the wrong person?

Sunny Forecast!

– Teddy and Silver? I can dig that. Dixon messing things up? I can dig that as well!

– Bout damn TIME that Jen got her comeuppance. I doubt that we have seen the last of her though. I mean Ryan Matthews needs a storyline since he won’t take his ass to Melrose Place where he and Jonah could snark each other to death and I can live in peace.

– DOUBLE Bout Damn TIME that Annie and Dixon have stopped being brats. I missed their relationship, which was one of the highlights of Season One. Now like I said before, let’s see Dixon lay someone else on their ass. Preferably Jasper, please and thank you.

– Adrianna, I am so proud of you for not becoming a stereotypical druggie! Welcome, back!

– Ivy might be next on the list of students ass who need beat. I love you, IVY! Don’t go to the darkside!!!

– Even though there were some highlights, I am still pissed about the handling of Jackie Taylor’s death. Shame on you, 90210 writers! SHAME!

Next week, we will have a Winter Wonderland! See you then and still bring your sunscreen.

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