80s Movie Song of the Day: Fight to Survive from Bloodsport by Stan Bush

So I’m sitting on my front lawn today listening to old tunes and what comes on? Why it’s “Fight to Survive” from the movie Bloodsport. Clearly this is one of the best martial arts movies of my generation and perhaps all-time. What’s also amazing is the incredible synthesizer soundtrack. I mean every single song absolutely screams 80s. It’s not quite Rocky IV but there’s some cheesy elements that just make me want to get up, lift myself, and run around the track 15 times while coming back to bench press 300 lbs.

This amazing song was created by none other than Stan Bush. You might be wondering who in the world Stan Bush is. Well, he’s the guy who also wrote the song “The Touch.” Now if you don’t know “The Touch” then simply refer to the movie Boogie Nights. Yeah, that “The Touch.” Remember Wahlberg belting out “You got the touch!” in a crappy music studio? That’s the one. It’s also the same song that was featured in a 1986 Transformers movie.

In any event, I wanted to share that little tidbit with you and of course share “Fight to Survive.” If today’s got you down, just listen to this 80s classic, rock out, and do some push ups afterwards. Kumite, kumite, kumite!

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