What is The “Virginity Rule” in The Halloween Franchise?

What is The “Virginity Rule” in The Halloween Franchise?

It’s not at all surprising that fans have gone on to take the Virginity Rule to the heights that it’s gone over the years since the older movies by John Carpenter and many others made it appear as though only a virgin could possibly survive a horror movie. This rule was even stated in the first Scream movie when Randy went over ‘the rules’ of surviving a horror movie. Poor, poor Randy, he fell into this delusion as much as anyone else since where the rule didn’t exist, to begin with, according to Carpenter, who wasn’t trying to implement it with his movie, it’s now something that filmmakers will actually push now and then since it’s become a part of the overall formula. The thing is, Carpenter did put the sex scenes into his movies to prove a point, just not the point that those who believe in the Virginity Rule have tried to make over the years. It’s interesting to think of which direction a person’s mind will go when thinking about what’s needed to survive a horror movie since virtue would kind of fly out the window for a lot of people in the face of simply surviving.

People that have sex in horror movies aren’t necessarily committing a sin unless one counts being stupid when there’s a killer nearby and they decide to strip down and get funky. Of course, in the movies, most people don’t know that there’s a killer nearby, so it’s usually just a couple of people that figure it’s time to strip down and create their own nature show. There have been those that have had sex in horror movies and survived, believe it or not, and virgins haven’t always been let off the hook so easily. If you want an example of both, Jason X features a guy that has sex with his intelligent female robot assistant, weird I know, but ends up living at the end. In the movie Cabin in the Woods, the virgin ends up dying at the end, along with everyone else.

The Virgin Rule has been dispelled more than once in cinematic history, and yet people apparently want to keep it up. Hey, to each their own, people can keep preaching that sex in a horror movie is a bad idea, and it usually is since once a person is engaged in the act their guard is down and they’re only thinking about one thing. When a person isn’t having sex in a horror movie their mind can still be cluttered, but it’s more likely to snap back into focus should they encounter a killer or a situation that doesn’t feel right. This is why certain horror movies turn out the way they do since the Last Girl or whoever is left standing near the middle to end is bound to have some effect on the final outcome. Those that want to frolic about, have sex, and make insanely stupid decisions are usually those that end up getting cut throughout the movie since those characters tend to be expendable in a way and are there to show the dangers of not focusing up when it’s absolutely needed.

But the Virginity Rule is a bit of a trap as well since many characters in a horror movie tend to think that everything is perfectly fine right up until they’re executed by the killer. When there’s no reason to suspect that anything is wrong one is bound to be more susceptible to give in to various urges that might arise during the situations that have been given in so many movies. As John Carpenter has even admitted, he had no inclination to make a movie depicting the dangers of sex in his movies. In reality, the Virginity Rule sounds as though it was instituted by a bunch of individuals that might have been a little bit repressed and took the meaning of a virgin surviving a horror movie as a sign that only those who were still pure of mind and body, try not to laugh, could possibly survive a horror movie. The fact that this rule has been broken so many times is kind of amusing since year after year, ever since Halloween came out, the rule has been broken time and again without fail.

But, as you can imagine, no one wants to admit as much since it would ruin the whole idea that the Virginity Rule is very real. It’s real in the manner that people want it to be real when the truth is that it’s only real in a story so long as this is the formula that’s being followed. Otherwise, someone can write it out pretty easily and create a tale in which pretty much anyone can survive so long as they’re alert enough and not bound to be getting busy at the wrong moment.Scream

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