God Tries to Create ‘Earth’ But Can’t Get a Break from the Kids in Short Film

God Tries to Create ‘Earth’ But Can’t Get a Break from the Kids in Short Film

God Tries to Create ‘Earth’ But Can’t Get a Break from the Kids in Short Film

Just imagine trying to be God and sitting down to create something like the earth and everything in it, only to have to pull your kids apart and thereby lose control of the story or program you’re trying to write. Yeah, it’s that frustrating. But it’s bound to be more frustrating, or amusing, take your pick, when thinking that this video plays up to the idea of a flat earth. It’s not so irritating to think that there are people who would cry out that this is vindication, it’s the fact that anyone would bother to believe such a thing in the first place given that the debate has been all but won even if the Flat Earth Society doesn’t want to concede and state that the ice wall they believe in would need something to support it, and the idea of the flat earth resting on the backs of elephants, which are pulling a circus trick by standing on the back of a giant tortoise, just doesn’t fly. Plus, the idea that those elephants continually snort the water back through their trunks, thereby causing the rain, or that there’s a dome over the earth that serves as our atmosphere, is enough to make a person’s head hurt. Does anyone ever think that the Flat Earth Society is just a hoax and one day they’re all going to stand up and say ‘haha, got you’?

God doth have a sense of humor, and since there are plenty of people that believe that He is doing the programming of this world, it’s fair to say that He does indeed feel like a genius sometimes and then like a kid with an ant farm at others. The general idea that people have about God and all of His works is that there are glorious things that happen as they’re supposed to and other things that make people say WTF and look to the heavens as though they’re wondering just what God was thinking. That is kind of a theological and rational problem when one thinks about it since all too often everything that happens in life is seen as God’s will, while for the things that we can’t understand the overall explanation is that ‘God is mysterious’. It’s kind of like taking credit for everything that’s not inherently harmful or bad and shrugging your shoulders when something bad happens while saying ‘meh, stuff happens’. It kind of alleviates a lot of responsibility that people want to allocate somewhere, and ends up being insanely dissatisfying.

There are so many debates that come to the fore when God is a part of the discussion that one can’t count them all that easy considering the fact that everyone has their own set of beliefs and what one person might agree is the way things are, someone else might come along and say that this just isn’t how the world works. One has to wonder what an omnipotent being such as God was thinking when He made humanity, and whether or not he has other projects going somewhere else that he’s keeping well away from this one in order to see how they turn out. That’s kind of an interesting thought to be fair, since if the almighty could create everything we see and know it stands to reason that the same power could be used to create other sentient life that might have developed differently than humans. Maybe the imagination that we prize so much comes from a genetic memory of some sort and the programming that gives rise to such things is less whimsy and more of a trickle-down effect that has been reaching the human race since its inception. That’s an odd thought to have really, but it’s another one in the mix that might be kind of fun to think about.

But thinking that God has had to reboot his project a few times isn’t too hard since it’s very easy to think that things might have gone wrong a few times and he needed to figure out how to fix this or that so that catastrophe wouldn’t be the overall result. But then again, if he’s having to separate the kids that often it’s likely that a lot of his simulations might have gone off the rails and would have needed to be constantly scrubbed and redone. Obviously, scientists would laugh at this and point at the fossil record that speaks to how old the world is, but it’s still a pleasing thought since it uses a great deal of imagination and whimsy that people kind of need at this point, making this short film something that people should be able to get behind and just have fun with. Seriously, if we’re all God’s children then one can’t help but be sorry every now and then.

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