75th Golden Globe Awards: My Reactions

75th Golden Globe Awards: My Reactions

The winners are in for the 75th Golden Globe Awards by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA) and we couldn’t be happier with the results. Seth Meyers did a great job on hosting the ceremony. The women empowerment movement was felt through the black gowns and suits that the attendees wore. Oprah Winfrey suddenly emerged as the people’s presidential hopeful which we all accept. But, I’m going to share my reactions about the winners of the ceremony. I won’t critique the ceremony itself, but I will just share my insights about the results. I will focus more on the television categories since this is a television-based site, but I will do some side notes on the film categories as well at the end.

As expected, The Handmaid’s Tale, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, and Big Little Lies won the series categories. I have anticipated those wins in my predictions last week since those are the shows that the HFPA would typically vote for. The Hulu drama is a new show that the Emmys rewarded a few months ago and the HFPA wouldn’t resist to award them as well. The Amazon dramedy is certainly a new show which only premiered last November to critical acclaim. The HFPA’s love for Amazon is certainly the huge factor for the win. For the HBO limited series, since its a star-studded series which is something that the HFPA definitely loves, it wouldn’t be a wonder that it got the trophy. Most importantly, the winners in the series categories are female-led shows which prove that the HFPA is in solidarity with the women empowerment movement and I mean it as a great move.

For the drama acting categories, I was expecting either Jason Bateman or Freddie Highmore to win lead actor but it ended up with Sterling K. Brown for This Is Us. It is surprising since the HFPA doesn’t usually award the “old” shows. It was well-deserved of course but it’s still a surprise that the HFPA went “outside the box” in this category. The only possible reason why they voted for Brown is that they wanna join the bandwagon on all the love for Brown. The Television Academy awarded him a few months ago so the HFPA decided to join the party as well. Plus, it is a historic win since he is the first African-American to win in this category. Nevertheless, Brown deserved his win. On the female side, as expected, Elisabeth Moss won which is expected since she fits the HFPA mold of being part of a new show. Plus, the HFPA could have also wanted to join the bandwagon so they also gave her the award as well.

For the comedy acting categories, it’s not surprising to see Rachel Brosnahan’s well-deserved win. As I’ve mentioned in my predictions, she fits the mold of being part of a new show which is usually HFPA’s “criteria” for their winner. Plus, Brosnahan is charming on The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel so anybody who has seen it wouldn’t resist voting her. It’s definitely a marvelous win for her. On the male side, it is actually surprising for me to see Aziz Ansari win for the second season of Master of None. As I’ve said, he is from an “old” show that the HFPA doesn’t usually vote for but he was able to win. I was expecting Kevin Bacon since he fits the mold or even Eric McCormack, but it appears that Ansari appealed the voters on his second time possibly because of the second season’s reception and its multi-cultural themes like the first two episodes that were set in Italy.

For the limited series/TV movie acting categories, as expected, Nicole Kidman won for Big Little Lies which is not a surprise given the reception that they gave for her performance on the show. She was able to overcome vote splitting which could have benefited Jessica Biel. On the male side, Ewan McGregor won for Fargo. I believe this is his first award for that role so I’m happy that he has finally earn a trophy for his wonderful performances as the Stussy brothers. I was expecting Robert De Niro given his more star factor, but I guess the HFPA loves Moulin Rouge so much that they decided that Kidman and McGregor should win the limited series/TV movie acting categories. He’s also lucky that Riz Ahmed, who defeated him at the Emmys, is no longer eligible this time.

For the supporting actor category, Alexander Skarsgard won for Big Little Lies which is not a surprise as he fits the type of nominee that usually appeals the HFPA voters (which is his Swedish ethnicity). For the supporting actress category, Laura Dern won which is also not a surprise given the love that the HFPA has for Dern. She has won three Golden Globes before. It was an easy win for her. I’m more curious if she can win SAG though since she has to go on a battle against her two co-stars Kidman and Reese Witherspoon. That might be the awards ceremony where Jessica Lange or Susan Sarandon will finally win if those three will vote split.

In the film categories, I’m not surprised that Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri swept. I have mentioned in my predictions article that the HFPA loves that movie so much so it’s really not a surprise. Let’s see if that will translate to the Oscars. I’m also happy that James Franco, Sam Rockwell, Allison Janney, Saoirse Ronan and Frances McDormand won because they were well-deserved and I love their performances. I haven’t seen Darkest Hour yet so I can’t say much about Gary Oldman’s win. All I know is that Timothee Chalamet was robbed and I love his performance in Call Me by Your Name which is why I’m not enthusiastic about Oldman’s win. Also, I’m happy that Guillermo del Toro won Best Director. It gave hope for me as an aspiring filmmaker to pursue my dreams on becoming a successful one someday.

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