Appreciating the Storied Career of Ruta Lee

Appreciating the Storied Career of Ruta Lee

Ruta Lee most definitely belongs to the group of actors and personalities that made it big before a lot of us were old enough to understand who she was and why she was so important. The fact that she has her own star on Hollywood Boulevard isn’t exactly a big deal to many people any longer since the boulevard has kind of been filled with many upon many personalities, but like so many others she’s still an important person to remember since she is another individual that helped to pave the way for future generations that would come after. Ruta came from what might be deemed as a regular home, her parents worked hard to support her and insure that she was given the type of values that they held dear. At one point she worked at Graham’s Chinese Theater as a cashier, usherette, and candy girl. But unfortunately she was fired when her till came $40 short one night. It’s kind of obvious that Ruta wanted to be in or at least near show business since she’s been studying acting and performing for quite some time.

The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show

She was only on this show for a couple of episodes but it was her big break apparently and allowed her to start making a bigger move into the spotlight as she continued to land more and more influential roles that caused her reputation to grow. Such a showing on the many programs that she appeared on gave way to her rise as a popular star and someone that meant something in Hollywood, though at this point you might not find a lot of younger folks that know who she is or what she did. Those that were old enough to remember her back then however might still recall how Ruta really got her start and how her career began to hit a high note from that point on.

This is the kind of movie that probably wouldn’t go over too well nowadays with some folks. The Pontipee brother, all but one, kidnap their brides and then cut their homestead off from the town proper for the winter. When the pass is cleared however the women find it preferable to stay with the brothers as the townsfolk come to get them, as the women were going to be lined up with suitors they didn’t care for in the first place. So it becomes necessary to have a large shotgun wedding so that the brothers and their wives can be married and make everyone happy. Ruta was one of the brides obviously, but the idea of this film is something that would anger a lot of people in this day and age, though it didn’t seem to upset anyone back then. Times have certainly changed.

Throughout the years Ruta has continued to act and appear in films and on TV and has been a guest star in many shows such as Roseanne and Charles in Charge. She’s had a long and very extensive career and has been a joy for many people to see pop up now and again. She received her Hollywood star in 2006 and has also received many different accolades and awards during the years for her many contributions to cinema and television. It doesn’t really need to be said but I’ll say it anyway that she’s been one of the many pioneers that might not have changed things in a radical way but did manage to contribute in a way that showed that she was invaluable to the industry in the capacity that she chose. Everyone that comes through Hollywood leaves a mark that either can or can’t be seen, but it’s there all the same. With Ruta, she was there without a doubt and she made her presence known quite well and with a great amount of fervor, but it also seems that when it came time to slip into the background that she did so with just as much of a flourish and just as much professionalism as she’s shown throughout her entire career.

Well into her 80s now, Ruta has continued to work as she’s been in short films, TV, and film alternately throughout the past several years. It might seem as though she hasn’t been seen in a while but then it’s also easy to be misled by a bio on Ruta that hasn’t been updated yet. Thankfully however she’s still active, she’s still willing to entertain, and she’s still every bit the same wonderful lady that she’s been throughout so much of her career. She has gained many friends throughout her time in Hollywood and a legion of admirers that no doubt still remember much of what she’s done. However much the light has dimmed on her once spectacular career she’s still around and she’s still just as entertaining as ever.


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