5 of the Top “Bingo” Scenes in Movies

5 of the Top “Bingo” Scenes in Movies

5 of the Top “Bingo” Scenes in Movies

Bingo is an old, very popular game that many people know how to play and legions of elderly citizens have taken to enjoying for cash prizes in their retirement. In fact some people get so serious about it that interrupting a game in any way seems like it will bring the wrath of the players down on the head of the interloper if they so much as breathe wrong. And then there are references to the game that don’t always make a lot of sense but seem to work for the scene they’re in.

B-I-N-G-O! And Bingo was it’s name-o! Sorry, had to.

5. Get Out

Now I don’t really get the bidding in this one, but it’s obvious what, or who, they’re all bidding on. It seems more than a little wrong to be bidding on a person for, whatever reason you can imagine, but using the Bingo cards is kind of confusing until you really look into it. The cards have more to do with status than anything pertaining to the actual game, as you’ll see that women and men are holding different colored cards, while an Asian man is holding a different color as well.

4. Rampage

It was a plan that went off without a hitch really. Buy the gear a few pieces at a time, procure what you needed, and then go megaton without anyone being the wiser as to who you are and why you’re doing this. But then, inexplicably, he makes his way into a Bingo parlor. No one even looks up as he enters, they just go on playing as though there isn’t an armor-clad madman in their midst. Now that’s dedication to the game.

3. Inglorious Basterds

That’s the most high stakes Bingo! I’ve ever heard of. The villain actually agrees to let the entire German high command perish by saying absolutely nothing to his superiors about it. In return he gets immunity from any crimes he might have committed and a nice little life in America to hide away from anyone back home that might one day link him to this heinous act. Yes, that’s one very big and very risky bingo.

2. Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa

You should already know what this one is going to be like walking in. If you’ve never watched Jackass then you might not know what to expect, but given that it takes only a few minutes to really allow Johnny Knoxville to get going, it’s bound to catch up to you sooner rather than later. He drinks the ink from the markers, he talks about lime juice and its applications in the prostitution business, and much, much more. Oy, I think it was better when Jackass was still around.

1. Hotel Transylvania

Even monsters need a hobby. While they’re playing you could be a funny person and say it’s as quiet as a crypt, but that might be a little too much. In any case the scene is eerily quiet right up until Frank’s wife decides to call out Bingo, only to have her card and marker eaten in the next second. Yeah I might get a little upset at the loss too.

Bingo is actually a fun game if it doesn’t get too serious and is only played for a round or two. After that, it takes a great deal of patience to keep sitting without doing much more than marking one space after another.


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