5 Jensen Ackles Movies You Must Watch

5 Jensen Ackles Movies You Must Watch

Jensen Ackles was born in Dallas, Texas, on March 1, 1978. He is best known for his lead roles in the television series Days of Our Lives and Supernatural.

When he was 4, he started modeling until he was 18, when he switched to acting. Fans drooled over him because after acting in Days of Our Lives, he won a Soap Opera Digest Award for Best Male Newcomer. In 2021, he was voted Sexiest TV Star in People’s Sexiest Man Alive: Readers’ Choice Poll. This fine man won the award twice in a row.

5 Jensen Ackles Movies You Must Watch

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Jensen is quite the heartthrob, but as much as he has enjoyed the spotlight, he remains loyal to his wife, Daneel Ackles. Daneel and Ackles met in the filming industry, and while they were dating, they still maintained the narrative that they were just friends. Daneel has acted in How I Met Your Mother and Friends with Benefits.

Jensen and Daneel have three children, Justice Jay and the twins, Zeppelin Bram and Arrow Rhodes. Apart from building a family, they are also creating dynasties. The two have built and launched their own production company in 2020.

5 Jensen Ackles Movies You Must Watch

Credit: @jensenackles

1. Supernatural

A Warner Bros production, Supernatural, is an American dark drama/fantasy television series. The series starring Jensen Ackles as Dean Winchester and Jared Padalecki as Sam Winchester, hunters of demons, ghosts, monsters, and other supernatural beings. The series has fifteen seasons and aired three hundred and twenty-seven (327!) episodes.

Initially, Jensen Ackles was to audition for Sam’s role. However, after reading the script, he opted for Dean’s character. When asked what attracted him to the character, Ackles narrated how the character had more comedy and a bit of recklessness. To him, that was the perfect character he had always had in mind.

5 Jensen Ackles Movies You Must Watch

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2. The Boys

Jensen Ackles as Ben or Soldier Boy appears in the third season. He plays the role of a character thought to have died during the Cold War. The soldier was unknowingly betrayed by his team and was later captured by the Soviets in order to replace him with his son. Soldier Boy is back to seek revenge.

You notice he has quite a unique voice. In his role as Soldier Boy, his voice has a commanding tone. His voice shows that he is ready to dominate. The voice is not robotic at all. We know Jensen to make his voice fit the character he is playing.

The Boys is a satirical TV show as it answers the question: what if superheroes became the villains? It is a time when the powerless have to fight the powerful. The Boys head out to expose a multibillion-dollar conglomerate covering all superheroes’ dirty secrets.

One question is still unanswered: will they succeed?

5 Jensen Ackles Movies You Must Watch

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3. Smallville

Smallville is a superhero television series whose idea was derived from the DC comic character Superman.

Jensen Ackles was to take the role of Clark Kent, currently played by Tom Welling. Unfortunately, he was still working on Supernatural. Jensen plays the role of Jason Teague, Lana’s love interest. The actor still graced our screens in season four.

Sadly, when duty calls, one must get back on your toes. Jensen had to finish his minor role so that he could get back to filming Supernatural. He appears when he follows Lana from Paris to Smallville and later becomes a football coach. Towards the end of the season, his intentions are revealed. Jason was collaborating with his mother so that they could find the three Kryptonite stones of knowledge.

5 Jensen Ackles Movies You Must Watch

Credit: @jensenackles

4. Batman: The Long Halloween

Before Jensen Ackles’ voice was used in this film, everyone was eager to find out the result. Ackles seems to prefer series to movies.

The film did not disappoint DC Comics fans with the results since Jensen understood the assignment when he played the role of the titular uncompromising hero Batman.

5. The Family Man

You can quickly tell that Jensen is a busy man. He played an uncredited voice role in the ongoing television series The Winchesters. But a father can never be too busy for his little girls. Recently, Jensen took JJ to her first ‘Hollywood premier.’

“She walked the carpet like a pro, a pro that held on tight to her dad,” Jensen Ackles wrote on Instagram. From most of his Instagram photos, which are not about movies and series, it takes a moment to know that Jensen will not miss an opportunity to share about his wife and his kids.

If a man like Jensen appeared on a silver platter, you would also break your legs trying to get to the fish line and grab him. I would not want to imagine how his secretary or manager track all these shows.

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