5 Great Movies Featuring Ancient Deities

5 Great Movies Featuring Ancient Deities

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Some movie fans love to watch movies about the gods, others don’t care much, and some might even think that showing a representation of any other deity is controversial. But this is entertainment and a matter of respecting other cultures and their beliefs as they’ve developed over the years. The fact is that nothing is one hundred percent accurate in the movies, especially since directors love to take certain elements and add them in a while, omitting many others that those who belong to the said culture or are knowledgeable about such things tend to notice. Movies about the gods, though, tend to be a lot of fun since the effects that are brought to bear to show the supernatural nature of the deities and their servants tend to be wild and out of control at times, even if the CGI isn’t always perfect. How well a movie depicting the gods does at the box office kind of depends on what comes out simultaneously, but the general return usually isn’t that good when these movies are pitted against anything more substantial than, say, the Avengers

Here are five of the best movies featuring ancient deities. 

5. Clash of the Titans

The 2010 version still doesn’t get a lot of respect when compared to the original, which is typical, really, since those who were around to see the movie come out decades ago are purists, in a way, that don’t want to see one of their favorite movies maligned. But one thing that needs to be noted is that despite the issues that people like to point out with the CGI, this movie was put together in a manner that makes it feel a little too quick but still kind of fun to watch. If you can shut off your brain for a little while, this movie is a fun ride that takes a person through the halls of Greek mythology in a very loose interpretation that takes a few liberties. But with that in mind, it’s easy to think that as a movie about the gods, this is one that’s still going to stand out for a while to come. 

4. Moana

Quite a few people had something to say about Moana in one way or another since the whole idea of creating a story about Polynesian deities appears to have upset a few people, as has the representation given through the use of so many big, barrel-chested characters. Getting past all that, Moana was a great story since not only did it show the tenacity and bravery of a young woman who sought to save her people. Pairing her with the brash, egotistical demigod Maui was a great move since it created a moment for Moana to prove herself and for Maui to gain redemption without losing too much face in the process. Despite what people say, there weren’t a lot of moments in this movie worth an eye roll. 

3. Immortals

This tale deviated from several other stories that showed the gods as bearded, wizened beings that ruled over the mortals in a careless and almost childish manner. The gods were still somewhat capricious in this movie. Still, Zeus, the hardass among them all, was kind of a hypocrite since he guided Theseus throughout his life and was a mentor to him but was firmly against the other gods helping anyone else. The final showdown between the gods and the titans in this movie was kind of epic since the moment the gods made landfall, the overall feeling was that it was time to rumble, and the gods didn’t intend to take prisoners. 

2. Thor

Norse mythology is quite interesting, and Marvel has their own take on the legends and tales handed down over the years. In the old legends, Thor has red hair, needs a special glove and belt to wield his hammer, and Loki is not his brother. But Marvel has built up this particular legend for so many years that it’s best to just go with it. Thor was such a fun movie, it didn’t require much thought, and a passing knowledge of Norse mythology would work along with whatever Marvel has been pushing for so many years. But the battle between Loki and Thor is something that’s kind of defined the Marvel story for a long time now. 

1. Dogma

This is one of the many movies that a lot of people have something to say about since it does play fast and loose with religion, and yet it clings to a few things that a lot of people might not be fully aware of when it comes to Christianity. Kevin Smith is widely known as a guy that likes to poke fun at a lot of things, but this movie makes it clear that while he was likely having fun with the script, he was also pointing out specific points in religion that are faulty and making his own commentary on others. 

Movies about deities end to be less than accurate most times, but they are a lot of fun. 


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