Let Us never Forget That Idris Elba was on The Office: Top Five Moments

Let Us never Forget That Idris Elba was on The Office: Top Five Moments

We can’t forget that Idris Elba was on the Office. In fact he had some of the funniest moments on the show that you might remember. It’s kind of hard to believe that he was on the show since it honestly doesn’t seem like the type of place you’d see someone of his caliber. But hey, everyone’s got to put in their work now and again and sometimes shows really benefit from having a big star on their roster. Plus it would honestly seem that he was still making his rise in the industry at the time that he was a recurring character. Charles Miner is the no-nonsense type of character that a lot of people can’t stand to be around since he pulls no punches and runs a very tight ship that allows for none of the shenanigans that usually happen at the Scranton branch.

He’s kind of a hard-nosed boss really.

5. Interruption

Women seemed to go gaga over Charles since he was so sauve, so debonair, and the kind of take-charge guy that didn’t put up with any nonsense that he didn’t have to. Idris Elba can play his roles with such a straight face that it makes you wonder how hard he has to laugh just to get the giggles out when he’s off screen, or if he does at all.

4. Michael’s late

So Michael’s never late, but the funny thing about this episode is that he hadn’t been working at the Scranton branch in about four weeks. The looks he’s getting as everyone strolls into what he thinks is his office are priceless, because at that moment he kind of realizes that he’s in the wrong spot and has to make tracks all the way to his real office, which looks like a storage closet.

3. Michael mocking Charles

It’s really off-putting when someone actually tries to kid around when they’re upset, largely because you then have no idea what they’re really going to do when they’re in a GOOD mood. Elba does what he can to get through the scene just like everyone else but even knowing that it’s a show seems to be not enough since Steve Carrell is the kind of guy that seems like he improvises a lot.

2. I am aware of the effect I have on women.

This is how stone cold the guy is in this show. He knows the effect he has on women and doesn’t seem to care. I’ve never worked in an office setting before but I’ve heard plenty of stories about guys that walk into the office and with just a look could have any woman in the room whether she’s married and has kids or is single and doesn’t care about men. True story.

1. What is a two-way petting zoo?

Honestly I don’t really want to know how an animal would pet a human because it sounds extremely disturbing. The idea of a one-way petting zoo seems optimal enough. Really, what would you say to an idea like this?

Idris Elba is great in pretty much anything he does.

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