Meet the Cast of CSI: Vegas Season Two

Meet the Cast of CSI: Vegas Season Two
Meet the Cast of CSI: Vegas Season Two

Credit: CSI

CSI: Vegas is not a spinoff anyone saw coming. The CSI franchise began airing on October 5, 2000, and it ran until the final date in 2015. This show followed the CSI crime lab in Las Vegas as they analyzed the evidence left behind by killers and other criminals as they tried to get away with things they shouldn’t. The show was a smashing success from day one, and it led to three spinoffs.

By 2002, CSI: Miami was introduced. CSI: NY was introduced in 2004, and CSI: Cyber was introduced in 2015. No one saw a fifth spinoff coming in 2021 when CSI: Vegas was announced. This is due largely to the fact that the original was set in Vegas, and now it’s a secondary spinoff of itself. The crime lab is updated. The cast is new, but we did have the pleasure of seeing more than a few familiar faces return to the lab to do their work. It’s time to meet the cast of CSI: Vegas.

A Limited Release

CSI: Vegas was introduced as a 10-episode epilogue in 2021. It was meant only to be a show that gave us some insight into a long-planned crime that was in the making for many years. The criminal in question was working diligently to undermine thousands of old cases and have them all overturned by making it seem that the crime lab technician who worked the crime lab for all those years, David Hodges, was a criminal who was falsifying evidence.

As a result, the new cast brought back Grissom, Sidle, Brass, and Hodges. We spent most of the season watching them do their thing before ultimately proving Hodges didn’t do anything wrong. We also met the new people working at the crime lab. And, when the season was over, it was brought back for a second season. Now it’s a full-blown television show, but the four OGs are gone. This season, however, we get to see Marg Helgenberger’s Catherine Willows return as an integral part of the crime lab. However, it’s time to meet the new CSIs in Vegas.

Paula Newsome

She plays the head of the lab, Maxine Roby. She’s no stranger to the business, either. She’s part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and she has spent time starring on television shows such as Chicago Med, Barry, and Women’s Murder Club.

Meet the Cast of CSI: Vegas Season Two

Credit: CSI

Matt Lauria

He is the lead investigator called Josh Folsom. His career began on the hit show 30 Rock, and it includes roles in shows such as Friday Night Lights, Kingdom, and Parenthood – to name a few. He’s a talented man who knows when a good role comes his way.

Mandeep Dhillon

She’s Allie Rajan, and she is a Level II CSI who is following her dreams. She’s well-known for her roles in shows such as After Life and Some Girls. There was a moment we didn’t think she’d come back in season two, but she’s back and working her role.

Ariana Guerra

She’s Detective Serena Chavez, and she’s dating Josh Folsom. She’s a relatively new actress compared to some of the others on this show. Her work history is not as long, but she’s already beginning her career with a bang. Her work dates back to 2016, and she’s making a name for herself with this show.

Jay Lee

Working as Chris Park, this Level I CSI is hopeful to move up the ranks. He is most famous for his role in Looking for Alaska, but he’s been working nonstop since breaking into the business. This show is doing wonders for him, and he’ll be a household name for much longer.

Meet the Cast of CSI: Vegas Season Two

Credit: CSI

Lex Medlin

He’s Beau Finado, new to season two. He’s a Level I CSI, and he is ready to take on this job and catch a killer. His most famous role to date was as the man Jane loves on the hit sitcom Drop Dead Diva. Everyone loved him there, and they already loved him here.

Marg Helgenberger

Catherine Willows was part of the original CSI team in the crime lab, and she’s back. Marg Helgenberger is a Hollywood icon. Her first role was a daytime soap star in Ryan’s Hope, and she hasn’t stopped working since. She’s an Emmy winner and a bona fide movie star. She was part of the Erin Brockovich cast, among many other successful films. Having her back on the show is a treat for all.

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