Five Games That Could be Used for a Potfest Movie

Five Games That Could be Used for a Potfest Movie

Five Games That Could be Used for a Potfest Movie

Right now it appears that Potfest might have been just a tease that came before the credits to Beerfest started rolling, which would sound almost cruel since the Broken Lizard crew have been making fun and simple movies for a while now, and a lot of fans were hoping to see another one roll out eventually. But considering how long it took to see a second Super Troopers movie it’s possible that they might have already decided that a Potfest movie was left as just a hopeful idea that might have come along had they been able to do so in time. The guest stars that could have been included in this would have been amazing, and if they’re still up for it then a lot of people would love to see what they might come up with, especially if the story was set in Amsterdam. But until there’s any word of whether or not Broken Lizard is going to move forward or call it a day, there’s at least enough material there to wonder what kind of games might be played at Potfest.  Here are just a few ideas that might be deemed popular enough to think about. 

5. Springer Time

Normally this type of game would be played with a movie such as Friday the 13th or something equally predictable. But taking a note from Baseketball with the creators of South Park, using the Jerry Springer Show as a template for this game would be fun and it would get the contestants blazed to the point of passing out. This would be a last person standing bout obviously, especially since if the rules included taking a hit whenever a fight broke out, it would get even more interesting. This would weed out the newbies from the veterans for certain, especially since fights on the Springer show were a major part of the program.

4. Bong Pong

This game would be pretty much how it sounds since it would be similar to beer pong, but the loser would have to take a hit and possibly a shot. Of course, it’s up for interpretation as to how this game would be played, but the better a competitor was, the more likely it would be that they would still be standing at the end of the match. Much like beer pong, this game feels like it would be a major challenge for some and child’s play for others since the skill level needed for this is the type that some excel at and some couldn’t pick up if they had all the time in the world to practice. Like the rest of the games, this one might see a few competitors drop quickly. 

3. Straight-face

This game might have to be tweaked a bit to make it really enjoyable, but anyone that’s ever gotten high knows that people can and do get the giggles when it comes to getting high since when under the influence of just about anything that leaves a person feeling good, this can and does happen. Imagine how hard a game like this would be, especially since the rules would have to be adjusted, as mentioned, to define what constitutes winning and losing. A single grin probably wouldn’t do it, but even a titter would no doubt be grounds for having to take a hit. 

2. Video games

Let’s put it this way, some video games are hard enough to play when one is sober, especially those with quick movements that require great hand-eye coordination. But keeping track of anything when one is under the influence is even tougher since reaction time is affected in a big way and people tend to have a hard time focusing when they’re stoned. But then again, some people manage to retain enough control to make this work, while others become useless and can barely manipulate the controller. This would be a fun challenge for anyone, be they a young adult or someone older. 

1. Lungs

The majority of people who smoke marijuana know this game quite well as it’s pretty simple and doesn’t require a lot of brainpower. What it does require is a strong set of lungs since inhaling and then keeping the smoke in sounds easy, but it can be a serious trial for some folks. Plus, passing the joint around while keeping each puff in is bound to get harder and harder for some folks until finally, everyone has to let it out and gasp for breath. This could work when it comes to having the loser take shots or chug a beer, or take a different type of hit that might be far harsher. But since the legalization of marijuana, Potfest would make a lot more sense as a movie.  It’d be great if Broken Lizard would make the decision to film this movie, but if not, Beerfest is still a fun movie to watch. 


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