5 Best Damson Idris Movies and Tv Shows

5 Best Damson Idris Movies and Tv Shows

Damson Idris is a celebrated young actor in Hollywood. The British actor was born in September 1991 and grew up in Peckham, Southeast London. Damson is the youngest of six siblings and loved to play football as a young child.

While football was Damson Idris’ first love, a fateful injury destroyed that dream, but there was a silver lining all along. He decided to turn to the theatre, getting a degree in Theatre, Film, and Television at Brunel university.


Credit: Showtime

This young star started as a theater actor before joining TV shows and movies and finally getting a starring role in the Fox drama series, Snowfall. Did you know this British actor has starred in a Netflix movie alongside an Avenger? That might surprise many who only know this young actor from his hit show. But Damson has ventured out and done several good films.

Many of his fans recognize him from popular British TV shows like Miranda, Casualty, Babylon, The Missing, and Doctors. Other movies he has appeared in that aren’t on this list below are My Brother the Devil (2012), City of Tiny Lights (2016), and  Astral (2018). He is also a fashion icon and has graced numerous magazine covers.

To see more of what he can do on screen, here is a list of some of Damson Idris’s top movies and TV shows in his career:

1. Outside the Wire (2021)

Outside The Wire

Credit: Outside The Wire

Damson was actually scared to film his first action movie star alongside Anthony Mackie. But you can hardly tell when you’re watching this action movie. In the Netflix action drama Outside the Wire, Damson Idris plays Lieutenant Thomas Harp, who, after disobeying direct orders on a mission, is punished by being sent to the dreaded Captain Leo, played by Anthony Mackie. There, they are sent into a deadly military zone with Captain Leo – a rogue officer, to try and locate a doomsday device. While the mission doesn’t go as planned, the soldiers learn a lot about each other and the ultimate goal of their mission. Here is a movie review of Outside the Wire.

2. Snowfall (2017-)

The crime FX drama Snowfall follows a family in Los Angeles as they start trafficking cocaine in the 1980s. Their series details the people involved and affected by the crack pandemic that ravaged the United States, especially major cities like Los Angeles. Damson Idris plays Franklin Saint, a regular store clerk who rises to become one of LA’s most notorious drug kingpins.


Credit: Snowfall

Damson’s performance on the show earned him numerous nominations like the BET Awards for Best actor in 2022, Black Reel Award for Outstanding Actor in Drama Series in 2019 and 2021, and an NAACP award for Outstanding actor in a drama series. If you need to be convinced, check out these five reasons why you should be watching  Snowfall.

3. Farming (2019)


Credit: Farming

The movie Farming (2018) is a drama movie based on the life of writer and Director Mbatha-Raw’s personal life as a Nigerian boy, Enitan. In the film, Damson plays Enitan. The story is about a boy who is ‘farmed out’ to a white British family, hoping to give him a better future than his peers. Instead of turning out the way his family had hoped, he ends up leading the white-skinned gang. This coming-of-age drama is beautifully tragic but highlights what many young Nigerian boys went through in the 60s and the 80s. 

4. Megan Leavey (2017)

Megan Leavey

Credit: Megan Leavey

The movie Megan Leavey is based on the true story of Mary Corporal Megan Leavey. During her time in Iraq, Megan Leavey bonds closely with a dog named Rex as they look for explosives in the area. Megan Leavey sadly gets injured and returns home. She decides to adopt Rex despite the bureaucracy in the military. This is an interesting military movie that you can watch with your family. Although Damson doesn’t have much screen time in the film, it’s worth watching. 

5. The Commuter (2018)

The Commuter

Credit: The Commuter

In this movie, salesman Michael MacCauley – played by Liam Neeson – is on his daily commute when he gets caught up in a criminal conspiracy that threatens the lives of everyone on the train. Including his and his family. With an intriguing dilemma that this former cop has to deal with, this movie quickly morphs into a thrilling drama you can’t take your eyes off. In the commuter, Damson Idris plays Agent Denys. As much as Damson’s character and Liam Neeson don’t interact much, working with such a star must have been a thrill when he was still new in the acting world.

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