28 Days Haunted: A Deep Dive Into Netflix’s Paranormal Show

28 Days Haunted: A Deep Dive Into Netflix’s Paranormal Show
28 Days Haunted: A Deep Dive Into Netflix’s Paranormal Show

28 Days Haunted is a Netflix horror reality TV series. It premiered on the streaming platform on 21 October 2022. The series follows a ghost-hunting team who are prepared to do whatever it takes to catch ghosts on-screen.

28 Days Haunted is presented as a documentary exploring and narrating the world of the paranormal. The series was hosted by Aaron Sagers, a self-described “paranormal journalist” who documents trends within paranormal entertainment. The series has received a largely negative reception from both critics and audiences. 

What Is The Premise Of 28 Days Haunted?

28 Days Haunted

28 Days Haunted seeks to conduct paranormal experiments in order to test the theories of Ed Warren and Lorraine Warren. The Warrens were a couple who were paranormal specialists often associated with their investigations of high-profile cases of alleged hauntings. Some of the investigations carried out by the couple have contributed to pieces of pop culture including films such as, The Conjuring, The Amityville Horror, and Annabelle. They also founded the New England Society for Psychic Research (NESPR), a ghost-hunting group in New England.

28 Days Haunted therefore looks to continue the work of the Warrens using their theories. The series sends three teams of researchers to separate locations in Colorado, North Carolina, and Connecticut that they believe are haunted. The major theory it looks to test is the theory that it takes 28 days to make a connection between the living and the dead.

What Locations Were Visited?

28 Days Haunted

In Colorado, the series visited The Lumber Baron Inn, a bed and breakfast located at 2555 West 37th Avenue in Denver. The inn was built in 1890 and is currently open to the public. It is also a wedding venue with a tea house, restaurant, and room for other special events. However, it has a haunted history as it was reportedly the site of the unsolved murders of two teenage girls in 1970.

Then in North Carolina, the 28 Days Haunted team visited the Madison Dry Goods Country Store located at 104 W Murphy Street in Madison, North Carolina. The store sells apparel, gifts, and other goods and has been in business since 21 January 1995. However, the building the store is located in used to serve as a hotel and a funeral home which was used to prepare the bodies of the Lawson family, who were murdered on 25 December 1929. Madison Dry Goods Country Store includes a small museum that pays tribute to the history of the building and is said to be haunted by the ghost of a little girl.

In Connecticut, where Ed and Lorraine Warren were born, the series visited Captain Grant’s Inn, located in Preston. It was built in 1754, the inn is now a four-star hotel, but it also has a haunted past with a few ghosts said to reside there. One of these ghosts is believed to be Mercy Adelaide, the wife of the 19th-century owner of the property. The room named after her reportedly has very high levels of paranormal activity.

Theories Tested On The Show

28 Days Haunted

The major theory tested in the series is the Warren theory of a 28-day cycle. The theory, developed by Ed Warren and Lorraine Warren, states that it takes 28 days to pierce the veil between the realm of the living and the realm of the dead. This theory was developed after New York couple George and Kathy Lutz fled their house 28 days after they claimed it was haunted by a demonic presence.

The secondary theory driving 28 Days Haunted is that the longer you stay in a haunted location, the more paranormal activity you may experience. Paranormal investigators often look to extend the length of time spent at a place that has been reported to be haunted. Aaron Sagers, the host of the series, argues that this theory makes sense regardless of whether one is a fan or a critic of the Warrens.

 Behind-The-Scenes Information On 28 Days Haunted

28 Days Haunted

The teams who set out to investigate and test the theories were faced with various situations throughout the course of the series. On the first day, they were blindfolded and were not given any information on the locations they were going to. The teams were also unaware that they would be testing theories associated with Ed and Lorraine Warren. The experiments required the teams to be secluded from the outside world, including without access to their phones. As a result of this, they had to learn how to mic themselves and set their own schedules. However, they could order food and get groceries delivered about once a week.

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