20 Craziest Moments From Dave Season 1

Dave FX Lil Dicky craziest moments season 1

Dave is one of the stranger shows to hit FX in recent years, although they’ve always had a different catalog. While they provide a very specific brand of dark comedy, Dave still manages to push new boundaries. Dave specifically follows the semi-fictionalized version of Lil Dicky’s career as a rapper. The show touches upon the awkwardness that comes with being the man full of problems that come with being neurotic. Overall, while the show has a certain seriousness to it, it’s overall a comedy. Being the oddly serious, dark comedy that it is, below we’ve compiled the 20 craziest moments from Dave season 1.

20. Meet and Greet

Dave hits a point in his career as Lil Dicky pretty early on where he had diehard fans and those fans came out to meet the rapper and things definitely didn’t go as planned. From asking him to sign inappropriate body parts to giving out their phone number, fans truly asked for the weirdest things. To make things worst for the rapper, his parents showed up of course and like most things, they just don’t understand what they’re doing. Although there hasn’t been merch in Dave so far, you can find your own Dave merch on the official site. Meet and Greet earned its placement as last of our 20 craziest moments from Dave season 1 as it’s crazy but doesn’t compare to the rest.

19. GaTa Freaks Out

Dave is a solo act but every great rapper has a hype man so when Lil Dicky accidentally met his hype man, he knew it was meant to be. GaTa has been along for most of the bigger stages of Lil Dicky’s career. Outside of his start and viral style fame, GaTa has been there for all of the important steps. Specifically the two met while Dave was at the studio where YG was recording and they were both in the lobby at the same time. While Dave meeting GaTa is a big deal, his freak out was of much more importance in the show. Certainly one of the craziest, it also just doesn’t compare with the rest which earned its placement as second to last on our list of Dave season 1 craziest moments.

18. Ally Sees It

Throughout the show we hear Dave talk about how he has “issues” in bed due to complications he had when born. According the rapper he is mangled where it matters most as he had to endure several surgeries after being born. While he had had several problems with it since birth, he had also somehow managed to hide the truth from his longtime girlfriend. However, in this scene we see Ally truly see what Dave is packing post-surgery. Ally seeing Dave’s situation is certainly one of the top craziest moments but it is also quite boring so it has earned 3rd on our 20 craziest moments from Dave season 1.

17. Dave Meets Justin Bieber

Upon entering Benny Blanco’s house, Dave meets Justin Bieber. In classic Lil Dicky fashion, Dave is nothing but weird and strange in front of the pop star. While this scene doesn’t have too much to offer, its hilarious to see Dave interact with celebrities that are much more popular than him. This was certainly an interesting moment but most moments with Dave and Benny Blanco are strange to say the least. Dave meeting Justin Bieber is certainly one of the craziest and unexpected moments from Dave but it earned its placement on our list due to its leading of future celebrity cameos on the show.

16. Dave and Emma Define Lil Dicky

Dave and Emma have great interactions throughout the entire first reason of Dave but this scene in particular shows the most bizarre conversation between the two. During this conversation the two discussed what truly makes Dave Lil Dicky and the artists that he’s identified with. The conversation starts when Dave brings up the fact that he was asked to perform at a child’s funeral and decides to fill Emma in on the situation and get her always honest opinion. Dave and Emma’s conversation earned its placement on our list of due to how messed up this conversation actually is.

15. GaTa Comes Out as Bipolar

While we see little bursts of anger or sadness from GaTa, we learned at this moment when GaTa admits to the guys that he’s been diagnosed with bipolar disorder. GaTa explains how it all happened and the issues it has caused him in his life and of course the rest of the guys fully understand and support their friend. GaTa explains to the guys how he feels when it comes to having a moment. As always one of the guys cracks a joke and make everyone feel as comfortable as they always are with each other. GaTa revealing this deep part of himself to the guys is monumental and definitely one of the craziest moments from Dave season 1.

14. Dave Trial Rap

While this is only the first part of the very long and strange episode 10 intro, it’s worth separating the two scenes as they are quite different from each other but carry the same vibe. Dave is sent to trial for exposing himself at one of his concerts and while the whole scene is provide through song, it is still very dark. Also, while the show is fictionalized, even this was seen to be even more heavily fictionalized, as it didn’t happen.

13. Dave and Ally Song

Dave and Ally have a certain kind of chemistry throughout the first season but unfortunately she wasn’t in most of the second half of the season. The song is the two of them more or less just speaking into a microphone with the auto-tune enabled. Possibly the most romantic between the two, although they definitely have nothing but awkward moments out of their encounters. Dave and Ally’s relationship was a main focus of the show when he wasn’t directly working on his music but as the show has progressed she faded out a little more.

12. Dave Meets Benny Blanco

While Dave’s own DJ is getting his own fair share of fame, Dave reaches out to another producer to help him while he’s not available. The producer Dave reached out to was the infamous Benny Blanco. Although fictionalized, it’s safe to assume the show gives hi, the proper credits for the music he’s worked for even in Dave’s fictional world. Although this moment was peak awkward for them, the awkwardness never stops.

11. Unique

In this scene, Dave and the guys discuss what Dave can and can’t do, onstage and off. The conversation immediately leads to if Dave can legally pleasure himself in front of his audience. While his manager doesn’t necessarily question doing that, but questions his ability to actually do so. Dave continues his past experience with doing so which caused his manager to refer to him as a Harlem Globetrotter.

10. Wood Shirts

Dave and Elz, while attending a sort of flea market with Elz’s niece, the group finds a stand selling wood shirts. These shirts are exactly as they sound like, wood shirts. The shirts follow a combination of a knight’s armor and a standard t-shirt but being made of wood as they are, they turn the wearer into a turtle with the inability to get up once fallen. With the apparently 10,000 dollars she was given, in reality his niece could of bought anything but the guys allow her to get the armored shirt.

9. Dave Reinvents Diarrhea

While Dave and Ally take a hike and talk about some things, well she tries to have a real conversation with him. Quickly the conversation is all about Dave and soon his butt. Mid conversation Dave proclaims that he needs to go to the bathroom and needs to go now. Ally told him to grow up but clearly Dave truly needed to go since he went right into a pond and “reinvented diarrhea”. This is just one of many moments that caused Ally to leave Dave over his lack of seriousness and time for her, with his always busy schedule.

8. Dave Studio Freestyle

Dave has gotten a lot of hate throughout the show from famous musicians and the average man. Most people just don’t understand the comedic background to the artist without making a comparison that Dave himself doesn’t agree with. In this situation however, we see Dave rise up and show his true talents in every way that he himself truly sees fit. The studio is full of all sorts of different people, there to witness the epic that Lil Dicky has shown to be.

7. Dave Gets Caught In The Garage

Certainly one of the more strange and sexual scenes, upon learning about Dave’s birth problems, Ally and Dave explore more sexual options. Upon finding out that Dave has a specific fetish, Ally tries to accommodate Dave’s weird needs in bed. In this particular situation though, Dave’s friend and manager finds the two of them in the garage, very much to his surprise. Specifically, Dave’s friend and manager finds Dave performing a strange sexual act on Ally on a table with a hole cut out of it.

6. Lil Dicky on Breakfast Club

It’s every rapper’s dream, or at least part of the road to becoming a certain kind of famous rapper so of course Lil Dicky had to make an appearance. The Breakfast Club is a pretty high point for any artist to be featured on. Dave being the kind of man to think way too much about everything, already had the idea of being on The Breakfast Club in his mind. As something all rappers want to achieve, the meeting was more like The Breakfast Club ripping into Dave which eventually turning to an argument.

5. Macklemore Outshines Lil Dicky

Earlier in the show, Lil Dicky says that he hates being compared to artists such as Macklemore. While this was discussed in a conversation with Emma, about being compared to other artists, Dave was not prepared to encounter the artist on his own stage. Dave was asked by parents to play a concert for their son who was a big fan of the rapper. While Dave is set to perform for the family, as requested, Macklemore comes on stage and Lil Dicky gets bumped from his own performance.

4. Lil Dicky Viral Attempt

In an attempt to further his career even more, Dave tries to create a viral video in order to help his reach a certain state of fame faster. While there are several attempts at this during Lil Dicky’s career, in this specific attempt, Dave references The Mask and Jim Carrey. He references the hysterical actor by dressing up as The Mask, minus the mask, and stands on a table while yelling “somebody suck me!”

3. Dave Sees a Urologist

So while Dave went to see a Urologist, obviously, he had many strange questions for the doctor that certainly weren’t as related to his doctor visit as he had hoped. After Dave warned the doctor of his conditions, caused from a dangerous birth, Dave started to as questions about about the pubic area and just a handful of other absurd things. From creating his own medical terms to just about anything else the doctor wouldn’t normally answer, this is just another instance in which Dave’s awkwardness

2. Dave’s Sex Doll Gets Discovered

Dave’s sex obsession isn’t really an obsession but more of an alternative to make up for his genital problems. This more or less comes from Dave lack of ability to be comfortable during sex due to his condition. In order to make up for this, the rapper has quite the strange sex doll, as it only features a bottom half. Of course the one to discover the sex doll is Ally so Dave has trouble getting through this one.

1. Prison Basketball Rap

The second part of the beginning of episode 10, this episode really throws the viewer off, even those that have been paying close attention to the show. While the first half of this scene is ridiculous, this part is just as ridiculous but in its own way, earning number one on our craziest moments list of Dave season 1. Dave doesn’t necessarily consider himself thug but by some weird personal definition he does.

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