15 Celebrities Who Guest-Starred on “The Office”

15 Celebrities Who Guest-Starred on “The Office”

The Office is one of the most beloved American sitcoms of all time. And it’s still as funny, relatable, and heartwarming today as it was back then.

One of the reasons why The Office will always have a special place in our hearts is the incredible cast: Steve Carell as the legendary Michael Scott, John Krasinski as the cutie-pie Jim, lovely Jenna Fisher as Pam, Rainn Wilson as the one and only Dwight, and many more.

But did you know that this show also had a bunch of celebrities on during its 8-year long run? In case you forgot, here are the 20 most iconic celebrities that guest-starred on The Office.

1. Evan Peters Guest-Starred on The Office

15 Celebrities Who Guest-Starred on “The Office”

Credit: The Office

Before being known as the creepy Dahmer actor, Evan Peters appeared on the show as Michal Scott’s spoiled and lazy nephew Luke. He was truly the laugh of the party, especially in the scene where he gets Michael so angry that he decides to spank him.

2. Amy Adams Played Jim’s Girlfriend

Before Pam, there was Katy, played by the phenomenal Amy Adams. Amy plays Katy, a beautiful saleswoman selling purses in Dunder Mifflin’s offices. Of course, everybody instantly falls in love with her, but it’s Jim who ends up winning her heart, and they date for a few episodes.

3. Idris Elba Played a Strict Boss

15 Celebrities Who Guest-Starred on “The Office”

Credit: The Office

Before The Harder They Fall and Luther, Idris guest-starred on The Office as the bossy manager who doesn’t get along with Michael. In other words, he has absolutely no sympathy for Michael, so they don’t like each other that much. Even though he plays a scary character, Idris is incredibly hilarious and witty.

4. Dakota Johnson Played Kevin’s Replacement

We bet you don’t remember this. Before 50 Shades of Grey, Dakota made a guest appearance on the show as the girl who replaced Kevin after Dwight fired him.

5. Stephen Colbert Appears as Broccoli Rob

Remember Broccoli Rob? Andy wouldn’t stop talking about his college pal. But do you remember that Stephen Colbert played him in season nine? Yes, that’s right, the late night host himself!

6. Tim Meadows Played Michael’s Business Partner

The incredibly talented Tim Meadows appeared at the beginning of the show as Dunder Mifflin’s business partner. He was the one who sang the Chilli’s jingle along with Michael while Jan sat there impatiently.

7. Ken Jeong Also Guest-Starred on The Office

At the beginning of the show, Michael attends improv class. In one of his classes, Ken Jeong appears as his acting coach.

8. Christian Slater Appeared in Saber’s Promo Video

After the merger of Dunder Mifflin with Saber, the new manager plays a weird orientation video to the entire office. And that’s where Christian Slater appears as the actor promoting company values and mission.

9. Ricky Gervais Made His Iconic Appearance

15 Celebrities Who Guest-Starred on “The Office”

Credit: The Office

In case you don’t know, Ricky Gervais is the creator of the original version of The Office. He also played David Brent, who is the British version of Michael Scott. So, of course, he made his appearance on the American version too.

10. Jim Carrey Also Appeared on The Office

The legendary Jim Carrey also guest-starred on the show as a weird candidate for the manager position in Dunder Mifflin.

11. Kathy Bates Played the Sabre CEO

Kathy Bates guest starred as the confident and bossy CEO of Sabre, the company that got merged with Dunder Mifflin. It was so funny watching her try to manage Michael Scott.

12. Will Ferrell Should Have Been Michael’s Replacement

After Michael left the company, Deangelo, a.k.a. Will Ferrel, came as his replacement. But he didn’t go on to become the series regular after all, leaving the show after only four episodes.

13. Ray Romano Also Appeared on the Show

15 Celebrities Who Guest-Starred on “The Office”

Credit: The Office

Aside from Jim Carrey, the comedian Ray Romano also appeared as a possible candidate to replace Michael. As always, Ray’s performance was hilarious and outstanding.

14. Randall Park Pretended to Be Jim

Before he had his own hit show called Fresh off the Boat, Randall Park guest-starred on the show. During one of Jim and Pam’s pranks on Dwight, Randal Park appeared as the “Asian Jim,” pretending to be Jim.

15. Will Arnett Guest-Starred on The Office

Lastly, Will Arnett also made an iconic appearance in season seven when he was interviewed to become the new manager and replace Michael. His performance was incredibly funny and unforgettable.

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