The Vampire Diaries 1.10 “The Turning Point” Recap


Man, that was some good product Julie Plec and Kevin Williamson dealt us last night with The Vampire Diaries, I tell ya. But I will be on serious withdrawal till next year!!!!!! What is a TVD addict to do?

But first let’s recap the cliffhanger episode that gave us a sneak peek of what the rest of the season has to offer. Including a werewolf!!!!!

The Set Up

So we picked up a breath from where we left off last week with a newly vamped Logan trying to enter the Gilbert residence through Jenna, who is not budging. Logan tries harder to work his charm on the lovelorn Jenna, but he screws up by getting to cocky and finds the door slamming in his face. Not deterred, he snacks on the closet thing he could find: a female jogger. I’m still trying to figure out who jogs that late at night…

The next day we find Jeremy catching up on his ancestors diaries and quickly moving up my fave list. He reads about vampires and other monsters that his ancestor, Jonathan Gilbert, mentioned and drew in the journals. The drawings reignites Jeremy ‘s own drawing habit, much to Elena and Jenna’s delight. Jenna informs Elena of Logan’s reappearance and Elena in turns vents her frustrations with Stefan getting ready to leave town.

Back at the Salvatore mansion, the brothers talk about their future plans and Damon gets a visitor in Sheriff Forbes, who brings the news of another vampire attack. She also says the Council is annoyed and that they need Damon, who they dub a slayer after he slayed Lexi. Stefan super ear hustles from the inside and confronts Damon as soon as he gets in. Damon says that the vampire is not their problem since they are about to leave. Stefan begs to differ and Damon says he will handle it.

It’s the dreaded Teen Drama Career Day where we have to face the future of our favorite teen TV characters growing up one day and getting dull. Elena asks Bonnie if she is feeling better, and Bonnie says she owes her life to Stefan, but Elena is still pissed at him for leaving. Especially since everything thing around her reminds her that Stefan wouldn’t factor into Elena’s future anyway, which is something Bonnie agrees with.

Also, Caroline and Matt are looking couple-ish and it takes Tyler to rag on Matt about it.

The Main Event – Logan Has Sire Issues

The first person Stefan warns is of course Elena, who is also shocked to see him still in town. He tells her that whoever the newvamp may be, they are either extremely sloppy or they are trying to get a point across. Elena says that she thought Stefan was actually saying goodbye, but he tells her not yet. Aww.

Meanwhile, Damon has Caroline use the Vamp Detector so that it wouldn’t mistake Damon as the vamp to detect. The device led Caroline to a warehouse and after ‘forcing’ Caroline to go home and forget the events, Damon enters the warehouse to investigate only to be shot to all hell with wooden bullets, courtesy of Logan.

Logan is being trigger happy on Damon, because he blames Damon for turning him into a vampire. Damon wants to know who sired Logan and he says he doesn’t know. While Damon gives Logan a smash course in becoming a vampire, Logan asks about the walking in sunlight bit that only Damn and Stefan can do and says that it was not recorded in the journals that are passed down to each generation of the Council members. Hmmm…

Damon asks Logan again who turned him, but Logan wants to know what is it that helps the Salvatore brothers do the daywalker and when Damon doesn’t reveal their secret, Logan shoots him down again with the wooden bullets. As much as I am on Damon’s side for this, he still didn’t get his payment for biting Bonnie last week. So take your medicine. Logan leaves Damon to bleed to death.

Back at the school, Stefan and Elena brood more where Stefan tells Elena that his career path is to protect her. He then reveals that at one time he wanted to be a doctor and other things, but he had to step out when people realized he was some sort of immortal. Elena marvels that Stefan always left and is frustrated when he asks about her future, which he can’t be a part of. Jenna then arrives with disgust that Logan showed up. Stefan’s vamp senses (and common sense) kicks in and he has found their vamp. He gives Elena the eye on what’s going on and Elena grabs Jenna and walks her away from the two men. Logan still wants to know how to become a daywalker, but Stefan doesn’t take easy to Logan’s threats and gives him a verbal warning this time, because the next time it will be physical.

Elena demands to know how did Logan act when he came to the house the night before and Jenna lists the signs of a vampire, which makes Elena to beg her aunt to not go near Logan again. This is when Alaric “Ric” Saltzman (special guest star Matt Davis) waltzes in and Elena is confident enough to leave Jenna with him. She goes outside and hears Stefan talking to a highly pissed off Damon over the phone. Stefan informs Damon that Logan is at the school, which delights a vengeful Damon. Elena wants to know what has Stefan hid from her this time (in accordance to Logan).

After Sheriff Forbes pissed off Caroline by dissing her career choice (broadcast journalism), Logan approaches her and he is not happy about being buried behind the car lot like an abandoned animal after all he did for The Council. Sheriff Forbes can’t believe that Logan is the vamp in question and gets a verbal warning from Logan to watch her back. Then Sheriff Forbes waits till after Logan leaves and calls for back up saying to keep a tight circle and that it’s a V5. Hmm… Does that code mean that it’s a Vamp Council member?

While outside, Caroline is picked up by Logan and no soon as she enters the car, he knocks her ass out. This girl will need serious therapy (physical and mental) when (if ever) she leaves Mystic Falls. Stefan and Elena look for Logan and they find out from Matt that she got in the car with Logan. Stefan asks for Elena to stay at the school and he takes out to get Logan. The Sheriff gets a call from Logan and as soon as he threatens to hurt her, Stefan and Damon show up. Damon yanks Logan out the car while Stefan retrieves Caroline and takes off. Damon puts wooden bullets in Logan to keep him down and after Stefan is a good distance away, Damon asks Logan again who turned him. Logan says he doesn’t know and when Damon is ready to knock his head off, Logan says that he does know who turned him, but that’s not the kicker.

Logan mentions the crypt under the Old Fell’s Church and that gets Damon’s (and my) attention. It would make sense by Logan being a Fell family member that he knows about the crypt, but that didn’t dawn on me until this writing. Anyway, Logan tells Damon that he can break the spell, but to let him go and he will meet Damon at the church later. Damon accepts but tells Logan to make it seem like he took him down. Sheriff Forbes shows up and Damon lies that Logan got the best of him.

Stefan returns to the school with news that Damon is taking care of Logan and that Caroline is safe. He then asks Elena if he can see why the hell they can’t be together. Elena says she gets it and offers Stefan a ride home. He accepts.

When they reach the mansion, Elena comes clean about her future plans, which was to be a writer. Her mother encouraged it, but since she died she doesn’t want to do it anymore. Stefan tells her that he is leaving for her, but Elena doesn’t want to hear that. She tells Stefan that if he left then the decision is his and not hers, because she wants him there and that she loves him. That’s all Stefan needs and they are lovey dovey, but Stefan vamps out. He turns his head and Elena tells him to not hide from her. So he faces her in vamp mode and she accepts him. Peter Griffin would be proud. They then head to Stefan’s bedroom where they consummate their relationship. Buffy would be envious.

Meanwhile, Logan leaves his hideout and is confronted by Alaric, who says he’s a friend of Jenna’s. Logan gets super cocky and tells the mere mortal to not screw with him before vamping out on Alaric…

Who stakes him.

So… Vamp, slayer or Blade?

Damon’s at the church waiting on Logan when he gets a call from Sheriff Forbes telling him of Logan’s demise. Damon’s pissed.

Hormones, Testosterone, Steroids, or Something Entirely Supernatural?

During the career fair, Jeremy rags on Tyler for looking at the local art at the drawing booth. Tyler walks off with a snide remark, but Jeremy notices that Tyler actually has some skills in drawing. Who would’ve known? So later, Jeremy tries to come to common ground with Tyler over drawing, but Tyler is being an ass and brings up Vicky and then its punches and shoving from then on out. Mayor Lockwood (Tyler’s dad) and Alaric break up the fight and Mayor Lockwood takes the boys outside. Alaric asks why is he doing that, but the mayor doesn’t answer him directly. Once outside, the Mayor tries to make the boys fight and we can see why Tyler is such a douche. Tyler is embarrassed and Jeremy thinks Mayor Lockwood is a psycho. Boy, the ancient Council members must be thrilled at their descendants, huh? But before anymore tomfoolery goes down, Alaric shows up and stops the maniacal mayor and tells him to back off or it will be him and the mayor going one on one. The mayor tells Alaric that he can have his job at the flick of a wrist and Alaric says yea right… Hmm?

Later, Jeremy tries again to be Tyler’s friend by saying that he understands Tyler’s behavior being due to his father and Tyler decks him. WTF?! When Jeremy asks what gives, Tyler says that he doesn’t know what his problem is. Oh? Could have anything to do with that FULL MOON THAT THE CAMERA MAN MADE SURE TO LINGER ON?!?!?! Hmm???!!!!

The New Tyler and Vicki: Matt and Caroline

During career day, Caroline walks in on Matt lingering over Elena as they talk, which is a given since word is flying around the school that Stefan is about to be out of the picture. Caroline looks disappointed and walks away. Elena asks Matt if he and Caroline are a couple and swears that they are just friends. Hm…

Like I said earlier, Tyler caught onto the new twosome and ragged on Matt about it. At the end of the night, Matt tells Tyler that he does in fact like Caroline and that he will not take anymore flack about it from Tyler. By this point, Tyler has other issues on the brain and just wants a ride home. I bet….

The Conclusion

After their earth shattering love making, Stefan and Elena chill in his room, which Elena (and the writers) make it known that Elena has never stepped foot in Stefan’s room. Stefan declares that the room has never changed and that he has so many memories there. He then asks Elena if she wants a drink and when she accepts he leaves. Elena decides to look around and comes across her doppelganger as she finds Katherine’s picture. Some memories need to be hidden, Stefan!

Elena freaks and bolts the mansion. Stefan returns upstairs and notices that Elena saw the picture and knows that he has totally screwed up.

Elena drives frantically on the dark country road and runs into a hooded figure who is standing in the middle of the road. Her car flips and she is trapped inside. While hanging upside down, Elena can see the figure she hit move and replace his broken limbs. The figure then walks towards her and she screams as he reaches in the car to grab her.

The Vampire Diaries

January 2010!??!?!?!?!?! <jumps out window>


– So Tyler is the aforementioned werewolf that was reported as coming on the show. I wonder if he will try to interfere between the Salvatore brother’s for Elena’s affection. Talk about a battle royale!

– I am still on the teeter totter fence when it comes to Alaric. He can be a vamp that slays vampires or he can just be a slayer. But did anyone else think that with all the talk of Gilbert history in this episode that Alaric is some type of relative to the Gilberts and is there to make sure Elena and Jeremy receive their birthright?

– What the hell is Damon going to do now? I think Katherine will figure prominently either towards the end of this year or all of next year if TVD is picked up for a second season… As if it won’t be picked up… Thinking that it will not be picked up is blasphemy at best.

– Who the hell came after Elena? My guesses? 1. Stefan, because he probably tried to catch up with her to stop and explain his insolence or 2. a new vamp or creature might be in town or 3. Alaric, because he is not your average history teacher.

– Why the hell was Kayla Ewell’s name in the credits the other night? Her name was dropped after her final appearance and when I saw it during this episode, I thought she was going to pop up. But we didn’t get that type of shocker. So what gives?

– Will I manage TVD withdrawals till Jan 2010? That remains to be seen.

Again, sorry for the late recap. Started a new job this week, which required daily training sessions. I hope I haven’t inconvenienced anyone…

See you in 2010, that is if I make this withdrawal…


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