12 Classic Father and Son Moments in Movies


Just the other day I was watching one of the worst movies in history, The Comebacks. However, just after I turned it off (right at the stupid Field of Dreams scene) I was thinking about that final scene where Costner and his dad have that catch. I then realized that there’s gotta be tons of awesome father/son scenes out there worth finding. And by all means, it’s well into the hundreds. So in the interest of saving time, I managed to find a bunch that I thought were either pretty funny or pretty significant. It’s definitely a mix, and by no means is this a rankings of any kind. So please, people, shout out comments because I’m definitely interested in coming up with as many as possible.

Here are some classic father and son moments

Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels – Big Chris and Little Chris

Any scene with these two is high comedy. Just the fact that a hitman carries his son around with him is hilarious in this flick.

Kramer vs. Kramer – French Toast

If you don’t cry from this scene then you’re not a human being.

Field of Dreams – Hey Dad, Wanna Have a Catch?

Again, if you don’t cry, then you’re not a human being.

The Rookie

They skip the scene but it’s when he tells his kid he got called up to the big leagues. This is a great father son movie.

Big Daddy

Technically maybe he wasn’t his real father in the movie but come on. Classic stuff here.

Gladiator – Commodus Kills his Father

I’d say this qualifies as a classic father son moment. It’s in french but it’s the only one I could find.

Knocked Up – Harold Ramis

You just gotta love that Rogan’s father was played by Harold Ramis. The scene when they’re eating lunch is classic. “If it comes out of the ground, it’s fine.”

Magnolia – Don’t Leave

Amazing scene with Tom Cruise. Probably what got him the Oscar nomination for this movie.

Monster’s Ball – “I Hate You”

This scene is messed up man. It’s the first 5-6 seconds, then the video is some rock video. But those who have seen this movie may remember that part.

Varsity Blues – “I don’t Want Your life”

This is the trailer but you hear the line! Fast forward to minute 1:43

Friday Night Lights – Donnie Billingsley

This clip highlights some of the scenes with Tim McGraw and Garret Hedlund who played father and son. God the song in this video is awful.

Vice Versa

Anything from this movie rules

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