The 10 Worst Celebrity Appearances in Video Games

The 10 Worst Celebrity Appearances in Video Games

Celebrities lend their voices and likeness to video games all the time.  In the event that they don’t even give permission to game studios to use them, often times we see video game characters that are modeled after celebrities.  In the cases where celebrities actually do appear in video games, results have been mixed.  Once in a blue moon you’ll get a moment that’s not only expected but appropriate and awesome for a game.  On the other hand a celebrity appearance in a video game can completely bomb.

Today we’re going to focus on the appearances and performances that completely bombed.  Put it this way.  It’s kind of cool to know that Bruce Willis was in a video game right?  Sure.  But how do you feel about Matthew Perry being in a video game?  It just makes zero sense doesn’t it?

The folks at WhatCulture gaming have put together this video that is very simple, and very to the point.  If you’re looking for really bad celebrity appearances in video games, look no further than list of 10 of the worst ones:

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