10 Things You Don’t Know About Nina Dobrev

10 Things You Don’t Know About Nina Dobrev
10 Things You Don’t Know About Nina Dobrev

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She’s the star of The Vampire Diaries, but the show’s been off the air for some time. However, that has not stopped actress Nina Dobrev from doing some big things in her life. Fans are asking about the star and what she’s been up to since her character departed the show a few seasons before its finale, and we have some answers. Right now, she’s partnering with a company promoting SmartSweets, and fans are curious. Is she an influencer now? We don’t know about that, but we do know she’s an enterprising young woman who has been doing a lot with her life. So, what has Nina Dobrev been up to?

1. How Old is She?

Nina Dobrev is a lot younger than you might imagine. We aren’t saying she looks old because she certainly does not. However, she’s been on television since 2006, and many actors and actresses are often cast as younger people in their shows. She, however, was not. Her birthday is January 9, 1989, which means she’s only 33. She began acting when she was a teenager, playing teenagers. She was born in Bulgaria, in a city called Sofia.

2. She is Multi-Lingual

She might come across like your quintessential American girl on television, but she’s not. She’s Bulgarian. She was raised in Canada, so she’s also Canadian. She’s fluent in both Bulgarian and English, and she can speak conversational French thanks to her time living in Canada. Many people don’t know this about her.

3. She Started Her Own Business

Since her time as an actress on the hottest vampire show around came to a close, she’s been working on a few other projects. One is her business. She’s the co-owner of a business called Fresh Vine Wine. It’s a company she co-founded in 2019. The company focuses on selling wine club memberships to anyone – anyone 21 and over, that is – who wants one. All the wine is low calorie, low carb, and low sugar. Additionally, the wine is gluten-free.

4. Do you Know Her Best Friend?

Did you know Nina Dobrev has a famous best friend? Did you know her famous best friend co-founded Fresh Vine Wine with her? Her best friend is none other than Dancing with the Stars alum Julianne Hough. The two are closer than close, and their friendship is one that’s beyond sweet. The two met more than a decade ago, and they quickly hit it off. Their love of being together and laughing was often done over a glass of wine, and that’s how their idea came to fruition.

10 Things You Don’t Know About Nina Dobrev

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5. She’s Invested in Smart Sweets

Anyone thinking she’s simply working as an influencer for the candy company is incorrect. She is because she’s an investor. The success of this company is her personal business because she’s put her personal money on the line. Dobrev loved the idea and the concept, and she wanted to be part of it from the moment she heard about it.

6. She Doesn’t Believe Working with Friends or Family is Terrible

Everyone’s heard the rumor – you never do business with friends or family. And, to be honest, it’s not an incorrect sentiment depending on the kind of person you are and the kind of person your friend or family member is. However, Dobrev loves working with her best friend. The reason it works is that they prioritize their own strengths and weaknesses, and they work on the basis of respect. They don’t always agree, but they are always respectful.

7. Is She Really Friends with Ian Somerhalder?

The world remains invested in the Damon/Elena/Stefan triangle, and many are Team Damon. The world also knows that Dobrev, who is Elena, dated the real-life Damon, Ian Somerhalder, for three years while they filmed the show. They did break up, and Somerhalder did move on. He’s married to actress Nikki Reed, and the couple welcomed their first and only child, a son, in 2017. Well, the truth is, the ex-pair are still good friends. There’s no bad blood (see what we did there?) between the two. She’s great friends with her ex and with his wife, and she doesn’t understand why anyone thinks that is odd.

10 Things You Don’t Know About Nina Dobrev

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8. She Despised Paul Wesley

He’s the man who played Stefan Salvatore, her first vampire love interest on Vampire Diaries. They had amazing chemistry, but did you know that they did not like one another? At all? She had a tremendous amount of respect for him as an actor, but she did not care for Wesley as a person. Thankfully, these two got over their initial dislike of one another, and they’re great friends.

9. She Auditioned With Her Boyfriend

When Dobrev auditioned for Vampire Diaries, she auditioned with the guy she was dating in reality. She got the part of Elena, but he did not get the part of her love interest. It isn’t shocking to anyone that their relationship did not work out. Imagine going to work every single day on a show you both auditioned for and you made but he didn’t. It was awkward.

10. She’s No Longer Single

What you might not know about Nina Dobrev at the moment is that she’s not single. She’s dating a famous athlete since sometime in early 2020. In fact, she’s dating athlete Shaun White. Olympic athlete Shaun White. They are tremendously happy together. Now that the Olympics are over, the athlete is teaching Nina to surf. She’s enjoying that.Olympic athlete Shaun White

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