10 Things You Don’t Know About Lillian Bowrey

10 Things You Don’t Know About Lillian Bowrey
10 Things You Don’t Know About Lillian Bowrey

credit: @lillianabowrey

Lilliana Bowrey does not have a household name, but she’s working on that one. She’s a new Netflix star, starring in a teen drama that began airing in June 2022. However, it’s not acting that she does best. Sure, she’s good. But Lilliana Bowrey is a world-class athlete above all else. What’s her sport? How good is she? And what else do we need to know about the young athlete who is so talented in her sport that she was asked to film a show about it?

1. Where is Lilliana Bowrey’s Delightful Accent Come From?

When Lilliana was born, it was in Australia. She’s Australian, and that’s where her striking accent comes from. One of her fan’s favorite things is listening to her speak, and it’s all because of the accent. If you’re familiar with the country, she’s from a place called South East Queensland.

2. Is She Really Young?

She’s younger than you imagine. It might seem like she’s more mature than her age, and that’s because she is. Lilliana Bowrey is only a teen. In fact, she’s only 17. She’s not a legal adult. She was born in 2005.

3. She’s Been on Instagram Since When?

Parents go back and forth about social media and the appropriate age to allow kids to join. Is it when they want to? Is it when they go to middle school? Become a teenager? Go to high school? Never? There is no right or wrong answer, though many people are shocked to find out she’s been posting to Instagram since she was only 8. Yes, you read that correctly. It was 2013 when she began posting on social media.

10 Things You Don’t Know About Lillian Bowrey

credit: @lillianabowrey

4. She’s Been Surfing Since Forever

She’s been surfing her entire life. Well, since she was old enough to stand up on her own two feet. Her talent is paramount, and she’s second to none. She’s a champion on the waves, and her surfing skills and name are recognized worldwide by those who pay attention to the sport.

5. She’s an Actress

She’s a surfer by nature, but her surfing allowed her to become an actress. She stars in a 10-part miniseries – a teenage drama if ever there was a teenage drama – airing on Netflix. The character she plays is also a surfer, so she’s a natural for the role. The show is Surviving Summer.

6. It Should Come as No Surprise She’s a School Athlete

She’s a teenage girl even if she is an actress. She attends a Sunshine Beach High School in Australia and participates in many activities there. It should also come as no surprise that her favorite sports all tend to involve outdoor activities. She’s obviously an active surfer, but she’s also into diving and swimming.

7. Her Father is Not Australian

Her mother, however, is. In light of their marriage and the respect that Lilliana Bowrey’s father has for her mother, though, he does practice Australian heritage. If it is essential to his wife, her father is doing it. It sets a lovely example for both Lilliana and her younger brother. They have a chance to appreciate both their mother’s heritage and traditions and their father’s.

8. She Learned to Surf From her Mother

It was her mother who taught her to shred the waves. Her mother surfs, and though we imagine she is not nearly as talented as her daughter, we imagine she’s good. She taught Lilliana to ride, and she’s why her daughter’s life is the life it is right now. Her mother never imagined that spending time on the water with her daughter would lead to a career in television.

10 Things You Don’t Know About Lillian Bowrey

credit: @lillianabowrey

9. She’s Sponsored

Every athlete knows they’ve made it when they land a sponsor. Bowrey has a sponsor. Billabong works closely with the surfer to promote her and their own brand, and it’s a big deal. They are among the best of the best in terms of athletic apparel for surfers. Billabong doesn’t work with just anyone, so it’s a big deal to be a teenage girl with sponsorship from the company.

10. She’s an Avid Traveler

She’s only 17, but she knows what she likes. She likes to see the world, and that involves spending time outdoors. When she’s traveling, she’s participating in sports. She can snowboard and ski, she loves to be outside, and she loves to post photos of her trips. More particularly, she loves to share photos of her trips when she’s outside doing something active like surfing.

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