10 Things You Don’t Know About Jonathan Wrobel

10 Things You Don’t Know About Jonathan Wrobel
10 Things You Don’t Know About Jonathan Wrobel

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When HGTV announced their new show, “Flip to a Million,” it was already a success. No one has to see it. No one has to know what it is about. It is a success because it’s an HGTV program. Their shows always work. This show is no different, and fans are excited to meet the new professionals. It stars two husband and wife duos, and we want to get to know them. The first is the Wrobels. Jonathan and Danielle Wrobel work on flipping historic homes, and right now, we’re going to work on getting to know them. Who is Jonathan Wrobel?

1. He’s a New Yorker

Jonathan’s childhood is one he looks back on fondly. He spent his time living in New York with his family. More specifically, they lived in Suffolk County. His dad worked in the area, and they spent a lot of time together. Growing up so close to his dad was a blessing for Wrobel, and he remembers it happily.

2. His Love of Old Homes Stems from Helping His Father

Because he spent so much time with his father, he spent a lot of time working on old homes. Historic homes were his father’s specialty. His father invested in historic homes. He’d buy them, work on them, and then he’d flip them. You might think this is the part where we tell you he always knew he’d follow his father’s footsteps, but it’s not. He didn’t think flipping homes was the way he’d go with life. He just didn’t see himself doing it.

3. He Founded a Company

Together with his wife, he’s the founder of a company called True Place Company. It’s a real estate investment firm as well as a store. Per the brand’s Instagram page, they are a home and living store. There is a website listed on the bio, but the site is currently under maintenance and coming soon.

4. He Fell in Love at First Sight

They say when you know, you know, and we don’t disagree. It’s a true statement. He knew, too. He saw his wife more than a decade ago, and he knew right then and there that he would marry her. Their first date was a massive success. How do we know this? They were inseparable after they went on their first date. They were married young, and they are making it work for them.

5. He Became A Father Quickly

He and his wife married when they were both in their early 20s. Neither believes that’s common any longer – I married my husband when we were 21 and 22 in 2005. Following their wedding, they quickly started their own family. They have twin daughters, and it was a big jump from no kids to two (when our twins were born, we already had two kids, so we did the big jump from two to four). Their girls are adorable, and they are loving every moment of watching them grow up.

6. His Wife’s Eye for Design is What Changed his Future

Remember when we mentioned that he liked the cash he earned flipping homes, but that he didn’t see himself doing it for a living? Well, that all changed thanks to his wife. He couldn’t help but notice she had a great eye for design. She was interested in her father-in-law’s flips, and suddenly a dream was born. They went into business, and here they are.

10 Things You Don’t Know About Jonathan Wrobel

credit @daniellewrobel

7. They’re Not Into Checking Off Lists

Together, this is a duo who is not interested in just making sure a flip is finished. The basics are good, yes. But, to Jonathan and his wife, it’s the part where they go the extra mile that counts. He’s always had a goal to make a house a home, and they make sure nothing is done just because the to-do list is checked off and the work is done. They take it all a step further.

8. They’re Giving Back to Their Community

Here is where this man is something special. Rather than just using a standard staging company to stage homes when they’re done flipping, he and his wife use homes as an advertisement. They use local business items from small businesses around their community. They borrow items from local business owners, and they promote them at the open house. It’s a wonderful thing, and it works so well for them. It’s such a great way to promote small businesses, too.

9. Will He Have More Kids?

We don’t know this one, and it’s not our place to speculate. What we do know is that he is an involved father who is quite proud of his little girls (Ava and Lily), and they’re growing up fast. Likely too fast in his eyes, I’m sure. Their girls are now six, and they’re done with kindergarten, and it’s a whole new world after that.

10 Things You Don’t Know About Jonathan Wrobel

credit @daniellewrobel

10. Family Comes First

Jonathan grew up working with his father in the same industry he’s in now. He works with his wife. He spends a great deal of time with his daughters. This is a man who knows that the most important thing at the end of the day is his own family. He’s in it to be successful, but he’s in it to build a dream.

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