10 Things You Don’t Know About Joel McHale’s Wife

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Joel McHale became famous in the early 2000s when he hosted The Soup. He talked about celebrities and their drama, and fans fell hard for his brand of humor. From there, he moved on to be a star. He went from discussing celebrity gossip to becoming the celebrity being discussed, which was an easy transition for him. However, it’s not Joel McHale the world wants to know more about. It’s his lovely wife. Joel McHale’s wife is always by his side, improving his world. The thing about Joel McHale’s wife is that she’s been in the picture longer than he’s been famous, and that’s virtually unheard of in Hollywood. On that note, who is Joel McHale’s wife?

1. Joel McHale’s Wife is Sarah Williams

Joel McHale’s wife is the lovely Sarah Williams. This couple met and married in 1996. They are the proud parents of two little boys, and their marriage lasts. They tend to keep their lives out of the public eye, and it’s a situation that works well for them.

2. She’s From the Pacific Northwest

Sarah Williams is from the lovely city of Seattle and takes great pride in that. She grew up there with her mom, dad, and older brother, with whom she is incredibly close. She loves sharing her feelings and thoughts about her parents on her social media pages, which is lovely. It’s evident to us that family is the most important to her.

3. She’s a Psychology Major

Though we don’t know if she’s a practicing psychologist, we do know that she is a psychology major. She attended the same university as her husband. They are graduates of the University of Washington and are proud of their alma mater. She is a smart cookie, and it shows.

Credit: @joelmchale

4. Her Father Was Taken from her Far Too Soon

One of the saddest things to happen to a child happened to Sarah Williams. First, her father died when she was only 10. She lost him so young, and it was a tragedy. Then, he was killed in a car accident when she was in the fifth grade. It was the most challenging time in her life, and we cannot even imagine her pain.

5. Joel McHale’s Wife’s Friend Didn’t Think She’d Go Out With Him

When Joel McHale met his wife in 1995, he was not a ladies’ man. He remembers asking his wife’s friend for permission to ask her out, and the friend said good luck. The friend also told him that she didn’t think Sarah Williams would go out with him, but she did. A year after their first date, they were married.

6. She Wore Her Mother’s Wedding Gown

Sarah Williams loves her parents so much that she wore her mother’s wedding gown on the day of her 1996 wedding to McHale. It was vital for her, and she’s proud she did it. Her mother suffers from MS and Alzheimer’s, so her life journey has not been easy. However, her daughter goes out of her way to make her mother feel special, loved, and essential regularly – the three things she is to her daughter every day.

7. She’s an Artist

Though she studied psychology in college, art has her heart. She was always afraid to pursue her dreams of becoming involved in the art industry, but she did it. She took a chance. She made it happen and did things she wasn’t sure she could do. Now she’s sitting here in the middle of her life with her husband and kids loving her work and enjoying every moment.

8. She’s Not Just a Boy Mom

She might be a boy mom to her two sons with Joel McHale, but she’s a dog mom and a rabbit mom, too. You might laugh it off when people call themselves a ‘dog mom’ or other animal mom, but it’s a real job. When you have pets (and kids), nothing but ‘mom-ing’ is happening regularly in your life. It’s a lot, but it’s also essential to work. She does it well.

9. Motherhood Was Scary for Her

It’s scary for all moms if we are being honest. But when Joel McHale’s wife gave birth to their first son in 2005, he was born with two holes in his heart that required repair. As an infant, their son underwent open heart surgery. Nothing is more terrifying than fearing for your child’s life; she went through this with her husband. They came out happy and healthy, but it’s a feeling they’ll likely never forget.

Credit: @joelmchale

10. Joel McHale Worships His Wife

Though this is a couple who prefers to keep their family life as private as possible, there is rarely a time when McHale doesn’t praise her. He is the first person to speak highly of his wife when asked. He’s called her supermom, unique, beautiful, talented, and every other wonderful thing you can imagine. He is a superstar husband, and it shows in her face.

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