10 Things You Don’t Know About EJ Williams

10 Things You Don’t Know About EJ Williams
10 Things You Don’t Know About EJ Williams

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Everyone loves HGTV. Seriously, we dare you to find someone who doesn’t love at least one HGTV show. When the network announced it was giving two couples $1,000 to flip a million-dollar home in six months, fans were intrigued. The show premiered on August 1, 2022, and it is called Flip to a Million. Two couples have limited budgets and time to do what no one thinks they can do, and one couple is the Williams family. We’re getting to know them one at a time, and we want to know who is EJ Williams?

1. She Was Shocked to Know Her Friends Knew Her Husband

She met her husband in 2002. She was with her own friends at a concert in Chicago when a cute guy approached her. He chatted with her for a few moments, and they exchanged numbers. She’d never met him, but her friends all knew him. She was interested, and here they are 20 years later.

2. What Does She Do?

EJ Williams is both a real estate investor and a broker. She and her husband founded a company called the Ultimate Real Estate Group, and they work hard. They founded their company and began flipping homes more than 16 years ago. It started as a dream, but they found a way to turn their dream into a reality.

3. She is From Chicago

She and her husband are both from Chicago, but they are spending time in Dallas right now. The premise of their new HGTV show is to not only work with little time and a virtually non-existent budget. It’s also to work in a city they don’t know and haven’t worked in before. They’re working in Dallas, and they are learning the ins and outs of the real estate world somewhere that is not home.

4. She is a Proud Mother

Her life is all about work and family, and not in that order. She and her husband share a daughter, and they are both proud parents. They try to keep their daughter’s life normal now that they are famous, and they’re doing a good job. She’s 14, which we all know means she’s at the most precarious age of all.

5. She’s a Foodie

EJ loves food. She loves good food. She loves eating it, finding it, and exploring new restaurants and locations in which to find new food. Thankfully, her family enjoys the same. The three of them are foodies together, and that makes their meals so much more exciting than the meals the rest of us share, if you ask us.

10 Things You Don’t Know About EJ Williams

credit @ultimate_ej

6. She Loves HGTV

Who doesn’t? She’s a huge fan. In fact, it was HGTV that turned her into the woman she is today with the business she owns today. She was in sales, but evenings curled up on the couch with her new husband changed that. They’d watch shows on the network and think they could do it. She was adamant that they’d learn. They did the homework. They reached out to friends who flip. They learned the ropes. They bought a fixer. They did it. They made $60k. They did it again. They’ve done it more than 200 times since.

7. She Hopes to Inspire Others

Her goal in being part of this show is to inspire. She and her husband do big things, and it’s her hope and her goal that they can inspire others. After all, they were inspired to do what they are doing, and they hope that they can be the reason someone with a dream is able to change their dream into their own reality. She’s working to help others.

8. She Hopes to Change the World

She’s not going to change the entire world, and she knows it. But, she’s hoping she can do her part to change the world one house and one neighborhood at a time. She’s all about beautifying what is already there. She hopes to eventually rehab so many neighborhoods that people remember her family as the people who brought communities back to life.

9. She’s the Marketer and Designer

Every couple has its strengths. Couples who work well together know where to find their strengths and work them for their greater good. EJ and Jason know that she is the designer in the duo. He might be the manager of projects and the construction king, but she is the design queen and the one who knows marketing. She’s the one who takes what they’re working on and makes it a success.

10 Things You Don’t Know About EJ Williams

credit @ultimate_ej

10. She Loves Her Evolution

It’s been 16 years since she and her husband worked on their first flip. EJ loves to look back at the things they’ve done and focus on how much they’ve grown. Looking at how they worked on their first flips versus their current flips is so much fun for her. She loves to see the growth and the positive impact, and it’s inspiring.

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