Movie Review: Nanny Cam

Movie Review: Nanny Cam

Movie Review: Nanny Cam

Any parent could tell you that one of the most unnerving things in the world is worrying over the safety of your child. The nanny cam is one of those inventions that a lot of parents feel might be one of the best things to ever happen, but there are times when the nanny cam can pick up more than people think. In this particular story, which is fictional if anyone is wondering, Linda and Mark have a relatively good life, as Linda is the successful spouse as she works in marketing, while Mark is doing his best to fix up a home to help support their family. When their elderly babysitter unwittingly harms their daughter Chloe, it becomes obvious that while she cares deeply about the girl and that the harm was an accident, it’s time for her to retire. When they meet Heather, a young woman that keeps Chloe from accidentally harming herself, Mark feels confident that she could be a good replacement as a babysitter, but Linda has a few reservations, though she does go along with the idea. 

Heather is what you would call a beautiful young woman that still appears to be trouble waiting to happen. Despite this idea, however, Chloe bonds with Heather quickly, which causes a great deal of friction between Linda and Heather, as well as Linda and Mark, who sticks up for Heather even when it gets him in trouble with Linda. As the days go by, Linda finally begins to warm to the idea that was given to her by her friend, and invests in a nanny cam, purchasing a digital clock that has a built-in camera as she begins to watch her daughter and Heather whenever they’re in the living room together. Unfortunately, Linda tips her hand when Chloe is convinced by Heather to perform a monologue for her school’s talent show rather than play the violin, which she’d been practicing for a while. 

Heather realizes that there’s a nanny cam in the room after Linda becomes angry about Heather convincing Chloe to perform the monologue, and she begins to take advantage of it. When she begins attempting to seduce Mark, however, things get way out of control since her attempts are more than a little obvious, as one night she strips in front of the nanny cam after Chloe has gone to bed, as she’s certain that Mark is watching. This becomes a big problem as one day when Mark comes home after a hard day at work, Heather, who becomes bolder with each passing day, gives him a drink that’s laced with something that knocks him out, after which she takes advantage of him, which comes up later as the tension between Mark and Linda continues to build. As the movie rolls on, however, Linda has to give a big presentation to a huge client, which is even more important in her case since up until that point the nanny cam has been taking up too much of her time at work, and the stress has started to show. When the video presentation cuts out and then comes back, showing Heather having sex with an unconscious Mark, she’s instantly fired and sent home. 

Eventually, after being let go as the babysitter, Heather kidnaps Chloe and dares Linda to come get her. It turns out that Heather has her own nanny cams set up in their home, and has been staying in the house that Mark has been renovating. When Linda confronts Heather, the younger woman claims to be her daughter, as Linda had a child when she was younger and dropped the infant off at a hospital as she couldn’t care for her. Linda ends up revealing that Heather wasn’t the only child dropped off at the hospital that night, and as Heather struggles with the revelation a fight breaks out, and she’s kicked out of a window to what Linda believes is her death. However, when the view is shown again, Heather’s body is gone. As Mark, Linda, and Chloe are shown to be doing well and are still together, the final scene is of Heather, with a baby in her arms, about to take a bus ride. 

As movies go, this wasn’t absolutely horrible since it does touch upon the various fears that a parent has when it comes to bonding with their children. Then there’s the idea of a young woman being in the house that might threaten an older woman who has feelings of insecurity that she might lose her husband to someone that’s more attractive, more willing to do the things that she won’t. The acting wasn’t too bad since there were a couple of quality stars in the mix, and the story was as close to being perfect as it was. But the pacing could have been executed a little better. Otherwise,  this movie served its purpose., 


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