The Top Five Babysitters in Movies

The Top Five Babysitters in Movies

The general attitude towards babysitters is kind of mixed. Some parents love them because they give them a chance to get out of the house. Kids have kind of a hit and miss relationship with babysitters depending on their age and whether or not they get along with others. In any case, babysitters have kind of a tough job. They get the dubious pleasure of watching someone else’s kids for very little money, and are often, at least in film, the victim of pranks, hijinks, or some other misfortune they couldn’t possibly prepare for.

Here are a few of the top babysitters in films.

Noah Griffith – The Sitter

It might be a bit sexist but you don’t normally think of a male babysitter when you think of someone to watch your kids. Maybe it’s the lack of an innate maternal instinct, or maybe it’s something else, but looking past that it seems quite obvious that a man can perform such a job as well as a woman. Of course Noah kind of makes a case against this as he and the kids he’s supposed to be watching continually clash with one another. But at least by the end of the film they’re on good terms.

Corrina – Corrina, Corrina

In the 1950’s it was deemed okay for African-American women to watch over white children as nannies, but that was where the “OK” part usually ended. They were allowed to feed, wash, and watch the children, but very little else. And they certainly were not encouraged to become that close with them. But with children, as many of us realize, it only takes a short time for them to become attached. After her mother’s death Molly wouldn’t open up to anyone, except Corrina. This film was touching in a way that defies words as it shows just how important that special someone can be in a child’s life.

Lisa – The Amityville Horror

This is definitely not the best example of a babysitter and how they should act around kids, but there’s a guilty pleasure of sorts in seeing someone that acts this way get a measure of payback. Lisa actually babysat for the kids that used to live in the Lutz’s home, but was fired because of the youngest child, who just so happens to appear to the frightened and panicked sitter when she gets herself locked in a closet. Given that she knew what had happened in the house, it makes sense to think that any rational human being would stay well away.

Mrs. Doubtfire/Daniel Hillard – Mrs. Doubtfire

It takes a truly legendary actor to pull off a role like this, and Robin Williams was one of the absolute best. Everyone knows by now that he was a funny guy, but to take on a role where he must play an older woman just in order to see his children seems above and beyond for most anyone. The film was a perfect blend of touching drama and outrageous comedy that left people either laughing or crying, or both.

Chris Parker – Adventures in Babysitting

Now this is what’s known as working hard for your money. Some might argue too hard considering that Chris and the kids she was hired to watch had to go on an all-night adventure to “rescue” her friend from the bus station and elude a band of gangsters while singing the blues while dealing with an out of control trucker. And that’s all in a single night. Sometimes babysitting should really come with hazard pay.

Babysitting isn’t the easiest job around, and it pays so little that most people wonder why anyone would bother. When it comes to babysitting in films though it’s usually a lot of fun to watch.

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