Mary-Margaret Humes Teases a Dawson’s Creek Revival

No offense to Mary-Margaret Hume, but an idea to bring back Dawson’s Creek as a revival without referencing social media as much sounds like a difficult thing to do since like it or not, social media has become a huge part of American culture, and getting away from it usually involves going off the grid in a way that the show couldn’t really withstand unless they somehow went for Amish lean. It’s true that shows can make use of social media and have it be less of a factor, but these days it’s bound to be a little more difficult to accomplish considering that social media is what really drives a lot of shows in one way or another. And the idea of bringing Dawson’s Creek back in the first place is something that might be appealing to a lot of people, but will likely make others groan since it could remind them that just about everything these days gets looked at as far as rebooting the story idea goes. Seriously, 90210 was considered, Saved by the Bell has a reboot, and there are likely more reboot ideas to come. The worst part is that people are embracing them instead of wondering why in the world we need to see more of these shows, as very little is ever going to be the same as it was back in the day since that’s not how things happen. Things change, people change, and sometimes shows are best left in the past where they were the best, instead of being rebooted in an attempt to revive those old feelings.

It does sound as though a few of the actors are already on board for this, which isn’t too surprising. But the thing about this is that while there’s always a chance that it could work, it’s an uphill climb no matter how popular the show was at one time. Dawson’s Creek was great for its time since back when it was still on social media hadn’t taken over yet and a lot of the things that have happened in recent years hadn’t happened yet. Bringing this back as a revival could turn it into a big hit, or it could be a big mistake. Hume apparently already has nearly two hundred pages written up that she wants to unload as an idea, and it sounds as though the other actors are thinking that this might agreeable, so it could happen. But the question of before is, should it? Bringing back shows from the past on a continual basis has become a continual habit or a trend since apparently there are still a lot of people that are willing to sit and pay attention to ideas that were getting old when a lot of us were still fairly young. Those of us that were growing up in the 80s and 90s remember the shows that are being looked at for the reboot and revival treatments, and while some folks are definitely leaning into the narrative and wanting to see it happen, others are wondering if this is going to be how things are done for a while, since while there are plenty of new shows that continue to come out each year, the trend of bringing old shows back, which isn’t new, is something that feels as though it should be far more of a rarity than it currently is.

There are plenty of arguments to be made when it comes to whether Dawson’s Creek should be brought back or not, since getting all the actors to return could be an issue, or it could be insanely easy. It’s all a matter of scheduling and whether or not those who are desired for the show would be willing to come back. James Van Der Beek, Katie Holmes, Michelle Williams, and Joshua Jackson are undoubtedly the four main actors that people would want to see, but their lives would need to be very different at this point since all of them are in their 40s at least and it’s fair to say that they would need to be given backstories that would likely turn them into slightly different characters than people remember from the show. If that doesn’t happen then it’s a good bet that people are going to be wondering if the kids from the show spent the better part of the last two decades doing absolutely nothing, which doesn’t make for a great story. A lot of this is conjecture since there’s nothing in the works yet as far as anyone knows. But the idea that it could happen feels more than likely considering that this does appear to be the trend at this time, and people are almost always bringing up something from the past that might be used for a reboot or a revival.

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