10 Things You Didn’t Know about True Life Now

10 Things You Didn’t Know about True Life Now

10 Things You Didn’t Know about True Life Now

Does anyone recall when MTV actually stood for Music Television? It kind of seems as though anyone born after the 80s might have missed out on that fact since the channel hasn’t been about music for a long time now. With the advent of shows like True Life Now that idealistic reality seems to have been tossed out the window onto a garbage scow headed for parts unknown since in all likelihood MTV now seems to stand for My Time to Vent, especially considering the shows that have come along to glamorize certain concepts and ‘phenomena’ in American culture that are all too real but somehow are considered to be the kind of news and drama that the world needs to know about. Sounds cynical doesn’t it? Well, maybe a bit since there a lot of other channels that could have taken up the rallying cry for those that want to advocate self-change in ways that seem a bit ludicrous and even detrimental, but MTV was front and center to take the lead.

Let’s see what you might not have known about the show.

10. This show is a documentary for those with serious obsessions.

And when you read the term ‘serious’ it can be assumed that it means ‘seriously disturbed’ in one way or another. Some might argue against this as the show might be called a platform for people that are just trying to be a better version of themselves. But quite honestly the obsessions on this show are enough to make the most accepting person in the world shake their head in confusion.

9. In several ways this is a show that’s promoting the idea of not being happy with your own life.

People that are generally happy with who they are and what they look like don’t seek to emulate others in the kind of ways that those on those show have been seen to do. Happiness in who you are doesn’t usually mean that you want to be happy looking like someone else.

8. The hang-ups that people on this show have seem kind of risky at best and extremely costly at worst.

The procedures that some of these people want to undertake in order to look like someone else is simply unnerving, but when you think of what it costs and the fact that a few of them aren’t paying the bill then you might find it possible to get a little irritated.

7. Celebrities have gotten wind of this and some approve.

A good example is Kim Kardashian and her approval of someone on the show that wants to look like her. It’s easy to see how she might be flattered at the gesture but it’s still creep to think that someone feels the need to transform themselves into an exact copy.

6. MTV has gone off the rails with reality shows, and people love the channel for it.

Change is great, it’s wonderful, and it’s something that keeps the world moving forward. But this kind of change is disturbing since it’s not exactly something that’s as positive as the people going through it want it to be.

5. The obsessions have certainly changed quite a bit.

When the show first aired it seemed that the obsessions being viewed were actual detriments to the health and well-being of those that were being filmed. Now the obsessions seem less life-threatening and stranger than before.

4. One individual is actually obsessed with Snapchat filters.

This woman never takes a selfie without using a filter, which is all well and and good, but she admits that it’s because she’s not just disappointed with being black, but because she can’t stand the way her face is shaped and wants to be seen in a different manner.

3. Some of these obsessions don’t seem entirely healthy in more than one way.

If anything they seem unhealthy largely because it requires the people to completely change their image and therefore have become dependent on an appearance that is not their own and therefore is more of a mask to hide away whatever discontent they have with their own given form.

2. The only attention that some of these people get is because of their obsessions.

Reality TV has given a huge forum to those that want to say something without having much to say except for the revelation that they’re not happy with who they are and want to emulate someone famous or want to change their entire persona to adjust to what they want. It’s not up to anyone to say yea or nay to this, but it does seem to promote the idea that changing your entire body and self is what it takes to be happy.

1. This is the continuing state of reality TV.

That kind of speaks for itself since reality TV has undergone a lot of changes throughout the years and this is where we are now.

What happened to “I want my MTV.”?

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