10 Things You Didn’t Know about Jennifer Aydin

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Jennifer Aydin

As you can imagine anyone that’s been on a reality show is a pretty easy target these days since reality TV has really been a polarizing force when it comes to the audience members that will attempt to defend or vilify them. Jennifer Aydin is really no different since the Real Housewives of New Jersey is another show that seems fit to glamorize the lives of women that are under the banner of being ‘real housewives’ when in truth once you get away from the screen they’re still real housewives, but with far more comfortable lives than the average housewife might enjoy. In fact if you compared these women to most of those in the country you might find that they’d be looked at by many with anything from utter contempt to a vapid sense of awe that would leave a lot of folks shaking their heads.

Here are a few things about Jennifer you might not have known.

10. She’s one of the women on Real Housewives of New Jersey.

Obviously this was just covered but her claim to fame at this point is this one show and the role she’s played on it thus far. Whether you like the show or not the fact is that she’s made a name for herself in one way or another.

9. Jennifer admits to having to bribe her kids to behave.

She’s not the first mom in the world to do this and she’s not the first mom to ever fail to come through on her bribes since she counts on her kids forgetting what they were promised or what they demanded in order to behave. But honestly and truly this is a rather bad precedent to be setting with any kid.

8. She does seem to play the pity game in her family.

Yes, having five kids is tough as having even two or three is tough, but she has a good deal of help it would seem and all of her kids are in school now so the main focus is getting them out the door and then remembering which kid has what function on any given day. But she still seems to pull out the ‘pity me’ card on a regular basis. Her husband could help out a little more it seems though.

7. Her husband wants her to be the disciplinarian in the family.

It’s kind of natural that one parent has to be the one to discipline the kids when the other isn’t there, but Jennifer seems to want equality in this matter, which is perfectly okay. But if her husband isn’t around then she needs to be the one to step up and teach the kids how to behave, not spoil them continuously and then wonder why they won’t listen.

6. At this point it seems like her kid have learned how to manipulate their parents.

Kids that are bribed, spoiled, and generally given their way in order to behave learn quickly how to pull this same act on their parents over and over and unless the parents are paying attention the older kids will teach their younger siblings how to do this by example. This is something that needs to be nipped in the bud and taken care of quickly or it can spread out of control without fail.

5. Her husband is a plastic surgeon.

It does seem to be to her advantage to have a husband that’s a plastic surgeon since she never has to worry over who she’s going to go to when she needs or wants some work done. But that does seem like it could put a possible strain on their relationship.

4. She was in an arranged marriage before she met her husband.

It would seem that this might have made her parents a bit upset since arranged marriages aren’t typically meant to be busted up so easily, but give her points for at least finding her own way to love and having the courage to go after it.

3. Jennifer used to be a host on a Turkish cooking show.

Just so you don’t think that she sits around taking care of the kids all the time she does have a career that she could possibly go back to now that her kids are all in school. Of course finding the time might still be difficult since the kids do come home eventually and they might have one function or another they need her to go to.

2. She’s been friends with some of the other housewives for a while.

They’ve seen each other in the same salons and other spots for a while now and it’s fair to say that they’ve been friendly for a good amount of time.

1. Jennifer tried to become an actress when she was younger.

She tried but it didn’t seem to pan out. It sounds as though this worried her mother to no end since she didn’t think that her daughter would focus on having a family while she was young enough.

So yes, Jennifer another easy target, and she makes some questionable decisions. But all in all she’s not the worst reality star to ever cross the screen.

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