10 Things You Didn’t Know about Chris Hansen

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Chris Hansen

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Chris Hansen

Some folks get inspired by the news and what they see and as a result then do their best to find themselves in the same field that they were so enamored of when they were younger. Chris Hansen became a big media personality a while back when he decided to become a journalist and cover some of the most hard-hitting news stories that could be found. In terms of being a journalist he’s been one of those that you could say has been quite good at what he does, though he does seem to stretch a little far at times. In some cases he stretches way too far since he has gotten in trouble in the past and been called on it in a way that was kind of devastating to his career and his personal life. But while he has taken his lumps he’s still kept going, despite the fact that a couple of hits were pretty hard, to his wallet as well as his ego no doubt.

Here are a few things you might not have known about Chris.

10. Apparently watching the Hoffa investigation spurred him towards a career in journalism.

It sounds like he lived near where the investigation was taking place and would ride his bike around the area as a kid. This kind of led him to become interested in the world of journalism since the tale of what happened to Jimmy Hoffa is still an interesting story.

9. He began his foray into reporting while he was still in college.

Chris didn’t waste any time when it came to doing what he wanted since he started reporting for a local station in Michigan and pushed his career as far and as hard as he could from the start. The guy definitely had a goal in mind and wanted to get things moving.

8. Chris has covered some very monumental moments in news.

A few of the incidents he’s covered have been the Columbine massacre, the Oklahoma City terrorist attack, and even events surrounding the Unabomber. He’s been around for some of the more notorious stories and been able to cover them fairly well along with many of his peers.

7. He started up To Catch a Predator.

This show is basically a chance to catch online predators that try to meet up with underage kids for sexual experiences. If that sounds somewhat suspect you’re not the only person to think so as it’s kind of like a fishing expedition to capture those that are in fact into having sexual relations with kids. It sounds borderline illegal but it does seem to ferret out those that have dangerous and even harmful intentions towards kids.

6. Chris was arrested for writing bad checks.

It wasn’t just a few bad checks that he wrote that got him into this kind of trouble, it was a check for $13,000 for promotional materials. He apologized to the merchant the first time and tried to write another check, but when it bounced as well the merchant decided to get the police involved. Chris decided not to speak to the police and had a warrant put out on him. He did manage to turn himself in eventually.

5. His net worth is around $2.5 million.

One has to wonder if this hasn’t taken a bit of a dip after the snafu with the bad checks, as this would make most people worth just a little less since it does mean, in the eyes of many folks, that they aren’t quite as trustworthy and aren’t really rolling in the kind of money that could make them seem worth as much.

4. His salary is, or was, $500,000 a year.

Upon hearing that anyone makes this kind of money it’s very difficult for those living in lower tax brackets to understand how you could possibly go broke and end up bouncing checks with this much money coming in. Of course then you have to think of how much money is going out due to lifestyle choices and other factors.

3. He and his wife of nearly 30 years divorced not long ago.

Apparently he cheated on her seven years before this and it seems fair to say that the marriage might never have fully recovered. Plus, this came just a day before he was arrested for writing bad checks, so he was getting hit left and right at one point.

2. Chris actually got evicted from his home.

It sounds as though he was short on his rent and hadn’t paid for at least a month or so before he was finally evicted. It really does seem that when things started going downhill they created an avalanche that had to be seen to believed.

1. He went on from To Catch a Predator to Hansen vs. Predator.

This sounds like a more aggressive spinoff of the original but considering all the trouble he’s been in this show didn’t quite catch on as well as he wanted.

When the stuff hits the fan some folks just can’t move out of the way in time it seems.

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