10 Things You Didn’t Know About Ayeshah Rose

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Ayeshah Rose

Ayesha Rose is a young, charismatic, captivating, and ambiguous actress from Australia who has made her mark recently in the USA. She’s had numerous roles across both television and film and is now finding her voice as a director; she says to become a more well-rounded and skilled actor. With five directing credits, she focuses on material that discusses and supports intersectional feminism, changes in social cultures, interpersonal relationships, and cultural diversity on and off the screen. She has recently joined the cast of “The Caregiver,” a thriller feature film in which Ayeshah’s role alters the path of the antagonist after that.

1. Ayeshah took part in a grueling ten-day trek in Papua New Guinea amongst cannibals.

In 2016, Ayeshah was invited to participate in a documentary following five unique Australians crossing the trail, some of the only footage of the infamous Kokoda Trail in Papua New Guinea. She was excited to participate, specifically to honor and pay respects to the ancestors who sacrificed their lives during the Japanese invasion of Australia to make it the free country it is today.

“I felt it was necessary, being a child of immigrant parents in Australia, to understand what ‘being Australian’ was to me. I felt a responsibility to learn about our history outside the schooling syllabus, and only after this experience did I feel truly Australian”.

Two years later, Ayeshah returned to the Kokoda trail, this time without cameras, to be a 2IC in a training program for young leaders through the RSL Veteran’s Program and Adventure Kokoda led by the honorable veteran himself, Charlie Lynn.

2. Her first job was a spoof music video that raised funds for major charities.

Paul Harragon, nicknamed Chief, an Australian rugby league football identity, made a music video, “That’s Gold,” a spoof video to raise funds for charity. The video went viral and straight to number one, giving Ayeshah a taste of extreme rugby fans overnight. What makes this funny to her is in the music video, she had to pour milk on herself, and by doing this, she discovered her allergies to dairy and went home with a rash on her body!

3. Ayeshah studied Psychology as part of her acting training.

Once Ayeshah returned from The Kokoda Trail (and got rid of the wet sock smell!), she craved a new depth in her work, focusing on intergenerational trauma. Again, this subject resonated with her and wasn’t touched on at all during her various institutionalized training.

4. She helped with the bushfires and building new homes.

Ayeshah devoted the entire month the Australian bushfires were destroying homes and lives of both humans and animals to building animal shelters and homes while they were healing their burns. It was a lot of sanding, creating, and building.

5. Ayeshah’s Miss Earth experience.

Ayeshah’s only interest in pageants was Miss Earth Australia, where she raised funds to plant over 700 trees nationally.

6. Why she got into acting?

Coming from humble beginnings, as an immigrant family without many resources or extended family as a support system, there was no option to do “what you wanted to do.” So it was about survival in Ayeshah’s household.

“I started doing paper rounds at ten years old, so I could sneak out of home and take classes. I wanted to be so good at something. Even paper rounds starting at 4 am wouldn’t phase me. I was the last man standing, rain or shine.” Ayeshah could barely speak and had a severe lack of social skills, and would hide from people. The acting was brought into her life to gain social skills and confidence.

7. Ayeshah created a “Me Too” film.

Ayeshah’s first experimental short film, “Me Too,” was done in 2017 with no budget and was a non-dialogue film, explicitly showing the metaphor of the Me Too movement through her eyes.

8. She was a naval cadet.

The easy part was joining the Navy Cadets in pursuit of her first crush. However, becoming competitive and skilled in sailing, marksmanship, swimming, and rescue drills got Ayeshah addicted to working with the body and being in team environments. Now Ayeshah continues to use that impressionable time and the skills acquired in her motivation to do her stunts and stay in an action-based realm with the characters she attracts. To this day, time training with weapons and on the water has influenced her interests and helped with awareness on set in environments where many things are happening at once.

9. Ayeshah is insanely creative.

Ayeshah’s mother, Halimah, describes her as insanely creative. She has told Ayeshah that her life’s perspective has always been absurdly different and promotes another way of thinking. Her mother finds her daughter attractive and warped with the ability to express herself in such a way, especially with her drawings. Halimah said every school teacher was always left with an impression as Ayeshah dared to do things differently. Despite being a shy child, that’s how she stood out and the only way she would know how to express herself. She says Ayeshah started drawing when she was three years old and drew more than she spoke. The subjects she drew were wishes, family, love, and dream-like realms, including other entities and creatures she made up herself. “She would draw heaven so often at first. She wanted the world to be happy. She wanted her family to feel happy”, her mother speaks earnestly about her daughter Ayeshah.

10. She is obsessed with animals.

Ayeshah has a deep connection to animals. She believes it stems from not developing a voice as a child. Animals gave her a world of empathy. “Horse obsessed,” she would be described as a teenager.

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