10 Things You Didn’t Know about the Movie “Hoosiers”

10 Things You Didn’t Know about the Movie “Hoosiers”

10 Things You Didn’t Know about the Movie “Hoosiers”

Hoosiers is a sports tale of such importance that it’s been shown in schools during English lessons after learning about the reality behind the making of the movie. I can recall watching this at least a couple of times in English throughout the years while wondering just what we were supposed to be learning. As a film that relies heavily on its sports content it is a good showing of what it means to be granted a chance at redemption and a shot at something that’s never been experienced before. As anything else it’s a good accounting of what it means to own up to the past and push forward for a better future. Hoosiers is all about redemption and what it means to pull together when things seem to be at their worst.

Here are a few things you might not have known about the film.

10. Dennis Hopper would spin in place to appear more inebriated.

Hopper would take about ten to thirty seconds to just spin around in place so as to be able to better mimic the drunken walk that was needed.

9. The scene with Jimmy and the coach speaking to each other was done in one take. 

The actor wasn’t even listening to the coach as he continued to shoot. In his own words he was just trying to focus on making each shot.

8. The film was renamed Best Shot in Europe.

Folks in Europe didn’t even know what a Hoosier was so they had to rename it to help the movie make a little bit more sense.

7. Jimmy Chitwood only has 4 lines in the entire movie. 

He has three lines when he’s speaking to his coach and then one more when he says that he’ll make it near the end of the final game.

6. The announcer at the final game was the actual announcer of the real game.

How awesome would that be? First you get to call the real game and then you get to be in a movie based on the real game.

5. Jack Nicholson wanted the role of the coach initially.

Unfortunately he was tied up with a legal matter at that time so he couldn’t fulfill the obligation.

4. Dennis Hopper believed he was nominated for the wrong film.

He appreciated the nod he got for this film but he really thought he should have been given that credit for Blue Velvet.

3. The actor playing Ollie had to be called back to the set.

While on a break the actor felt nostalgic about his own high school and went to watch a basketball game at his old stomping grounds. They had to call his mom to get him back.

2. Dennis Hopper was reluctant to play his role.

This was around the time that Hopper had stopped drinking so he didn’t want to be tempted to start back up in any way.

1. Gene Hackman actually gave the director a panic attack.

Apparently Hackman was a little difficult to work with and one day the director said that he woke up to find that the room was spinning and his heart rate was out of control.

As far as redemptive movies go this one is still a classic.

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