10 Things You Didn’t Know about “Little Man Tate”

10 Things You Didn’t Know about “Little Man Tate”

Everybody wants to think that their kid is a genius and that they’re special in some way. It’s usually true that most kids are very special in their own way but the issue with being a true genius is that sometimes that intellect manages to get in the way of other skills that are just as important to an individual’s growth. The problem with this is that the smarter a child becomes the less they are seen to interact with other kids their own age. It’s not something that will happen as a rule, but it is a very serious concern since being the smartest person in the world doesn’t mean much if you can’t connect with other people.

Here are a few facts from Little Man Tate that you might not have known.

10. This was Jodie Foster’s directorial debut.

She’d been an actor up until this point but was finally given the chance to show what she could do. It was kind of a rocky start.

9. The young actor that played Tate was horribly allergic to horses.

There are a lot of people that can’t handle the dander that can be found on horses’ hides. Byrd had to pop a Benadryl for such scenes but unfortunately they made him very sleepy.

8. Foster proved that she had a lot to learn about directing.

She made the common mistakes of someone being placed in a role that she wasn’t quite ready for, such as proving that she wasn’t as prepared as she possibly could and talking about others when she should have kept quiet.

7. The scenes of the Tates’ apartment were filmed in Cincinnati. 

A great deal of the film was done in Ohio, as it can be a lot of pressure to move kids around when filming.

6. This was Adam Hann-Byrd’s first film role.

He did pretty good considering that he’d never acted on the big screen before.

5. Most of the school scenes were filmed in Ohio.

Seeing as how they were already there no one saw any reason why they should change up the scenery all that much.

4. Foster asked David Hyde Pierce to be in the film. 

He and Foster were both graduates of Yale and she really tried to get him to come board with the film.

3. The film Blue Sky was set to be released around the same time as this film but was instead released three years later.

Orion Pictures had to make a choice about which film would come out first and they went with Little Man Tate. Blue Sky came out three years later. Both Jessica Lange and Jodie Foster won awards for their films without having to share the spotlight.

2. The reason that Foster became the director was that the original director left.

Creative differences caused the original director to up and leave the set. Foster got handed the reins not long after.

1. The producer of the film actually got so frustrated that they broke a car windshield. 

Things were getting off to such a rocky start that the producer threw a mobile phone in frustration and broke a windshield.

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