10 Reasons Why Apex Legends is the Most Thrilling Battle Royale Game Ever

10 Reasons Why Apex Legends is the Most Thrilling Battle Royale Game Ever

There are times in your life when you find that one game that’s unlike ANY other. The thrills you get and the fun you have while playing it is unrivaled. You wake up, go to your school, college, or work, and you’re already thinking about how you’re going to smash your opponents once you’re back home.

Gamers will relate.

For me, first, it was all about those simple computer games — from Doom to Need for Speed 2 Special Edition, to Assassin’s Creed. There were more of these over the past two decades. But pretty soon, my crosshairs got narrowed down to online multiplayer games.

This paradigm shift for me, from single-player to online multiplayer games, started off with Counter-Strike 1.6, onto Counter-Strike Source, DOTA, and DOTA 2 and I’ve never looked back since.

Now? Apex Legends has the crown. I’m really starting to think this is it. Apex Legends was the promised one. It’s really that good.

It made me fall in love with its quick gameplay — saves me a lot of time as an adult.

It’s also the first game that made me appreciate Battle Royale truly for the first time. Although I’ve played PUBG (Steam) and Fortnite before, none of them hit me as hard as Apex Legends did. It set the bar high.

Haven’t you played it yet? No worries. I’m bringing you 10 reasons that should make you want to try this masterpiece at least once. So without any further ado, let’s slide right in!

1. Each Legend is a Treat to Play

10 Reasons Why Apex Legends is the Most Thrilling Battle Royale Game Ever

Credit: Apex Legends

A legend is basically a character that you choose before landing on the battleground. There currently are 23 legends to choose from. Each legend comes with its set of utilities — two of which are active and one is passive. The 23 legends are divided into four types based on the abilities they bring to the table. The four types are support, recon, offensive, and defensive.

2. Absolute Mastery in Game Theory

The game’s design allows players to strategically interact with the game rationally — making each game you play all the more unique. Time and position management are critical and unlike other battle royale games out there.

The prisoner’s dilemma is where your teammates are dead and you’re left alone — do you choose to battle it out or play for the position? The decision is yours! You never know what kind of opponents you’ll come across. The movement matters a lot.

Each aspect is thrilling, to say the least. The legend dialogue quips work as a cherry on top!

3. The Majority Has a Love-It or Hate-It Relationship With It

It either gets so competitive that you keep losing. Or it gets so good that you’re constantly doing 8+ kills in every game. The former brings forth a hate-it scenario, especially when the ranked matchmaking feels tough. The latter brings forth a love-it scenario where you just don’t want to stop playing!

4. The Development is Incredibly Meticulous

10 Reasons Why Apex Legends is the Most Thrilling Battle Royale Game Ever

Credit: Apex Legends/Respawn Entertainment

You can be 600 meters away and ping a respawn ship, and it WILL work! You can look at a tiny care package from 150m away and ping it.

The map details are excellent. Zip rails, zip lines, jump canyons, tridents, etc., are a treat to use. Overall, the Apex world’s details are amazing, both in theory, story, and graphics-wise!

5. Every Other Battle Royale Feels a Bit Dull in Comparison

It’s fast. The weapons are fictional and unique. The game feels remarkably fresh after dozens of hours played. The best part? It’s a free game, accessible to anybody! From movement to strategy to gunplay, it’s a fine piece of work!

6. Learning How to Pair Up Legend Utility With Friends is a Blast

Since player interaction is a huge utility in Apex, it becomes more fun to play with friends! You and your friends can create synergy between your favorite legends and thrash the whole lobby or not. But one thing’s for sure — the fun and inside jokes will have you in fits.

7. Apex Legend’s Mobile Version Was Recently Released in 2022

10 Reasons Why Apex Legends is the Most Thrilling Battle Royale Game Ever

And if you don’t have a PC, PS, or Xbox, don’t worry. All you need is a smartphone to enjoy this masterpiece. The Apex Legends Mobile was recently released. It’s free and it’s really good! Knock knock, PUBG.

8. Unlike PUBG, You Can Respawn Your Teammates Once They’re Dead

Don’t take me wrong — PUBG is really good and fun. I like it! But for me, Apex takes the lead in the thrills.

I believe the ability to respawn your teammates (within 90 seconds) keeps the spark alive even after you’re knocked down and dead. And that’s one of the primary differences between PUBG and Apex Legends.

Your teammate can just grab your banner and revive you at one of the respawn beacons on the map. Keeps you hooked and excited. Fortnite has this too! Sorry, PUBG fans.

9. New Legends are Introduced Every Other Season to Keep the Game Exciting

Apex Legends took off with eight humble legends when it was first launched. There are about thrice as many four years later. The franchise continues to add more maps and legends. And we’re glad that they do!

10. Apex Legends is Tough and Super Competitive: You’re Going to Love It!

10 Reasons Why Apex Legends is the Most Thrilling Battle Royale Game Ever

Credit: Apex Legends/EA

The ranked matchmaking was recently revamped. It has made Apex Legends all the more competitive and fun —  from Rookie to Predator Badge, you can grind to make your way up to the top. Honestly? It’s highly likely that you’re going to fall in love with it. My favorite thing about it? It continues to get better every season!

Oh, and here’s my request to the devs: Please do something about the Bahrain servers. They’re always empty for PC players, and the people in the middle east and other parts of Asia have to play at a higher ping. And thank you for creating this masterpiece.

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