10 Really Weird Facts about Skeletor’s Body

10 Really Weird Facts about Skeletor’s Body

10 Really Weird Facts about Skeletor’s Body

If you remember Skeletor from He-Man then you had a good childhood. But there are many things about this nefarious guy that a lot of us probably took for granted since we were so enamored of the show. For instance, just how in the world does a guy with a skeleton face get treated as normally as anyone else? Wouldn’t you think his appearance would raise a few eyebrows? And wouldn’t he have some effect upon his enemies that would make them tremble just a little more? Well, maybe he would if he had actually come up with any evil plans that worked.

Aside from that he’s just a very buff bad guy with a high voice.

10. It’s hard to tell if he has a neck.

Before getting his face melted off he did appear very human, but after that he took to wearing a cowl and since that time it was hard to imagine if he even had a neck or if his skull was somehow suspended above his body by magic.

9. His face was burned off by acid.

Before he became Skeletor he was an evil character named Keldor. During a particular battle he tried to fling acid into his opponents’ face only to have it deflected back at him. That seems like instant karma really.

8. He’s half-human.

He’s the product of a human and Gar, which is a race that lives in Eternia and has blue skin. There’s a theory that he’s the only one of his kind, but some fans disagree with it.

7. He can channel energy beams and lightning.

Skeletor is a genius at inventing things and an accomplished magician to boot. With this in mind it’s hard to imagine how he hasn’t taken over Eternia, but it could be that his common sense isn’t all that sharp.

6. How he can talk is hard to understand.

As a magician there could be a very easy way to explain this, but without a tongue and vocal cords it seems unlikely that Skeletor should be able to speak at all. But then it’s a cartoon so it’s pretty easy to forgive a lot of it.

5. It’s unclear if he needs to consume anything to survive.

With a body the size that he has and the obvious knowledge that a body needs fuel to survive it seems like he should need to consume a great deal just to survive. But perhaps his dark magic is enough.

4. He does have a sense of smell.

Just because he has no nose doesn’t seem to mean that his senses are entirely gone. He can smell pretty much anything that anyone else can, proving that his nasal passages are intact.

3. His armor helps to preserve his life.

After so much damage that’s been done to his body over the many encounters he’s had with He-Man, the armor that Skeletor wears is more to keep his body intact and from falling apart.

2. In some versions he has eyes.

Honestly it’s a little more creepy and campy than anything so it’s not hard to see why a lot of fans would prefer the empty, death’s head eye sockets.

1. He’s allergic to pollen.

Believe it or not, Skeletor suffers from hay fever. Yep, not joking.

For someone that’s so awesomely evil the guy certainly has a lot of oddities to him.

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