10 Movie Stars Who Lied to Get a Movie Role

10 Movie Stars Who Lied to Get a Movie Role

10 Movie Stars Who Lied to Get a Movie Role

Making it in the A-list roles is every actor’s dream, but not many get that chance. Most of the people holding significant positions in offices and other industries have at some point lied to get ahead. Others have to work their way out and put in the work, while others try a lie that works for them. Lying to get your resume considered has been going on for many years. Even the A-list actors adjust their resumes to fit the role they want to cast. The situation is worse in the Hollywood world. Getting an acting role in Hollywood is a dream of many upcoming and existing actors. Several actors who play significant roles lied at some point in their life. And that’s how they have managed to be iconic. Check out these lies that gave you your idol character.

George Clooney

Many years have passed, making Clooney the most famous Hollywood actor. But you might not know that when Heartthrob advertised minor roles, he took his best foot forward, and that’s how he became famous, and fans like his hilarious nature and how he gives a fulfilling performance. Getting a Screen Actors Guild card saw George Clooney lying about a movie role. He said that he appeared in the movie Cat People and managed to convince the casting director. Unknown to him the same director interrogating him was the one who was casting for the same film. Though she didn’t remember seeing him, Clooney used his acting well and convinced her. She helped him get his Screen Actors Guild card by adding a movie he never played. It almost cost him his career.

Daniel Craig

Daniel Craig is famous for his role as James Bond, a character that didn’t come easy for the British actor. Occasionally he could lie about how good he is at horse riding. It seems he loves riding horses but doing it in real life was a lie. Never in his life had he had a chance to ride horses, a lie that helped him secure a movie role. In 2011 his lie suffered a natural death which made the casting directors of Cowboys & Aliens teach him something they thought he already knew.

Rachel McAdams

Rachel McAdams had it all planned for a girl chased by her passion for being in the movie industry. Nothing could come between her working with the legendary director Terrence Malick even if it meant telling a lie. That’s when she lied; she doesn’t like horses claiming they have a way they look like they read people’s minds. She ended up landing a role in The Wonder movie.

Mila Kunis

To get the role of Jackie Burkhart in the That ’70s Show, Mila had to lie about her age. She said she was eighteen years old during the audition while she was only fourteen years in real life. She argues that at one point in life, she will be eighteen years old. When the producers figured out her actual age, it was too late since she was the only fit candidate for the role. She acted for eight seasons in the show and later went to test big screens.

Eddie Redmayne

Eddie Redmayne is an excellent example of fake it until you make your dream a reality. When he saw a chance to be in the Elizabeth I, he had no option rather than come up with a lie. After lying to the director Tom Hooper, he almost killed himself and the other crew; he didn’t know how to ride a horse. As they called for action, the horse fiercely flew, putting him at risk and other members. Hooper came to his rescue, yelling and shouting to him he’s a liar. Fortunately, he didn’t fire him.

Laurence Fishburne

Getting a role in the award-winning film Apocalypse Now came in with a lie. Laurence Fishburne had to fake his age to be accepted. He lied to the directors that he was sixteen while he had just turned fourteen. Luck was by his side as he got to work along with Martin Sheen. Sheen is ever grateful to Laureen. He saved his son (Emilio) from drowning as they were using the boats used in acting. It’s a lie that saved a life and made him the star he is today.

Anne Hathaway

Anne thought she would get away with ‘her ability to ride the horse,’ which was a lie, to win the audition of Brokeback Mountain. Though she later learned the skill and art of riding, it came with wounds and shock. Her lie was exposed when she was given a horse that only understood verbal commands. Director Ang Lee only believed in her ability to learn.

Liam Hemsworth

Liam Hemsworth couldn’t watch a role disappear before he grabs it all because he can’t play volleyball. In 2009, he lied that he is an excellent volleyball player to land in The Last Song. His lie was convincing enough to land him a leading role. Playing volleyball was the most challenging part of his role.

Laura Fraser

Learn a new language, and maybe one day it can land you in Hollywood. Laura lied about her ability to understand and speak the German language. She had not taken any class and knew only a few words from school days that gave her confidence. Later she was left tongue-tied as she rehearsed the tricky paragraphs. Her mind played a trick on her to tell a lie.

Carla Gugino

When Carla Gugino was sixteen, she lied about being fourteen to get a role in Beverly Hills Troopers. While most celebrities prefer to drive themselves, Carla’s parents took her to the set. It seems the other cast members never realized the age difference. Risk-taking is a journey to a successful life. Those who never take risks don’t go far, and these are just a few actors who lied their way out to Hollywood. And as you look at their profile today, they have made a name for themselves. It’s not easy to be successful but trying is the best.Daniel CraigClooney

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