10 Fun Facts About Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends

10 Fun Facts About Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends
10 Fun Facts About Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends

credit: Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends

The Foster’s Home For Imaginary Friends is a great show that capitalizes on the concept of children and their imaginary friends. The cartoon series became a hit and hooked a lot of fans until its last episode on May 3, 2009. However, it’s 2022, and it’s more than 13 years since the show went off-air. So below, we will remember the show by reading over some fun facts about this beloved series!

10. Eduardo is the epitome of the “looks can be deceiving” proverb

Let’s start with something simple and glaring. He can also be described as having huge sharp fangs and a devil’s tail and a skull belt, a sight that would truly terrify anyone who would see him.

He was created by a girl who grew up in a dangerous village in Mexico. She intended him to protect her from harm; however, despite his huge and beefed appearance, he was cowardly, friendly, and unwilling to protect himself. Because of this, he ended up being the protected rather than the protector.

10 Fun Facts About Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends

credit: Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends

9. Eduardo’s nickname for Bloo is based on the Spanish word for “blue”

Now, let’s dig deeper with our fun facts. This one might still be common knowledge for some, but for a fewer number of people than the previous one.

Since Eduardo was conceived in Mexico, he grew up in a Spanish-speaking environment. He would frequently call Bloo “Azul,” as it is the Spanish word for his color.

8. The Abraham Lincoln character was the opposite of his real-life counterpart

There was a character in the show named Abraham Lincoln Pen who looked like a pen. He could be remembered as someone who made large profits by selling imaginary friends in a bidding similar to the auction of slaves centuries ago. This is in contrast morally to the true Abraham Lincoln, who sought to abolish slavery completely.

7. Mac and Bloo appeared in The Powerpuff Girls once

During the Episode, The Powerpuff Girls Rule!!!, when the children expressed their dismay over the girls for having a useless fight over the Keys of the World, the duo can be seen behind Mitch. One has to look over his left and right shoulders to see the duo subtly making an appearance in the scene. Bloo can be seen with some patches of green on his body.

6. Gray DeLisle had an extensive list of characters she voiced

Not only she voiced Frankie and Duchess, but she also voiced at least 10 more characters as listed in the show’s fandom. Outside of the show, she also voiced Daphne Blake from the Scooby-Doo franchise.

10 Fun Facts About Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends

credit: Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends

5. Frankie would have been 38 by now

In Bus The Two Of Us (Season 4, Episode 7), Frankie’s driver’s license is shown, and it is revealed that her date of birth is July 25, 1984. This means that she would be 38 as of December 2022 if we were to follow real life’s aging logic.

4. Wilt’s owner is referenced from a real-life person

Wilt’s personality, being that kind of athletic and into basketball, is reflected in his former owner’s personality, Jordan Michaels. If that name sounds a bell, then it surely is, as it is a reference to Michael Jordan, a real-life basketball player.

3. The painter that appeared in the last episode has a real-life counterpart as well

While we’re on the topic of real-life references, during the last episode, Goodbye to Bloo, an orange imaginary friend with colorful dots around his body, painted Coco, Mac, and Bloo. This painter’s name, Leonardo Dilychee, is quite an obvious reference to the well-known painter – Leonardo Davinci.

10 Fun Facts About Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends

credit: Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends

2. The show was Craig and Lauren’s final project for Cartoon Network

During the credits scene of the last episode, the viewer can read out the words “Thanks for watching” with Craig and Lauren’s signatures below it. The note also served as the signing-off note of the two as they left Cartoon Network after that episode.

1. The Imaginary Friends from Foster’s rickrolled New York in 2008

Foster’s Home For Imaginary Friends made an appearance in the 82nd Annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade on November 27, 2008. While they were beginning their performance, the music stopped and was changed to the iconic instrumental of “Never Gonna Give You Up.” Rick Astley came out of the float and began singing his piece instead, stealing the show and eventually rickrolling the crowd. After the performance, Cheese yelled, “I love rickrolling!”

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