This is the Reason Why The Witcher Changed The Bathtub Scene


Who would have ever guessed that a bathtub scene would be so iconic when it comes to fan reaction? Well, this is Henry Cavill and those that happen to like the man’s physique were probably quite impressed with how well Geralt of Rivia had been represented in this stunning first season. As Matt Joseph of We Got This Covered reveals however there was one very good reason why the bathtub scene was changed slightly, and it has more to do with practicality than anything. Henry Cavill stated, as per Matt Joseph, that:

“I don’t know how many people realized how iconic it was, that there was already a visual attached. And so, when I was getting into that bath, I was sitting there thinking, ‘I wonder if anyone knows how much this is going to explode, this particular scene.’ I was trying to put my feet up, and I couldn’t; the bath was the wrong shape. But I thought that might have been a bit much as well.”

That’s it pretty much, the tub was the wrong shape. But when thinking about it, Geralt is also a character that happens to be ready at most times to get up and start swinging if he needs to. He might not be one hundred percent perfect at all times, yet for some reason it’s hard to think about Geralt, in reality, kicking up his feet and just leaning back for a good soak as he lets his guard down in that manner. Sean Murray of The Gamer has more to say about this. In a way it just doesn’t feel right, as though he should have his feet down and be as ready as he can at every moment, meaning that he should be ready to bound up and be ready for anything. That might sound a little paranoid and even impossible, but given his profession and the thought that not many people tend to like him, it’s entirely reasonable since enemies don’t always attack at the most opportune moment.

It’s amazing really that out of all the scenes in the show that this bathtub scene is the one that we keep coming back to, but it’s also kind of telling since it would indicate that there are a lot of female and possibly LGBTQ+ community members out there that happen to like the way Cavill looks as Geralt and are enjoy the tub scene for all it’s worth. To each their own really but I’ll fully admit to enjoying the scenes of Yennefer after her transformation if only because she’s quite the attractive woman, but dangerous in a way that many couldn’t possibly handle since the level of power she wields is simply intense.

Even in its relation to the video game this scene is a hard one to understand as being such a favorite since there are many upon many scenes in The Witcher, both in the game and in the show, that are a little more worthy of praise than this, but really, fighting it just isn’t worth the effort since so many people appear to be smitten with it for one reason or another. It’s very easy to admit that Cavill’s presentation as Geralt is absolutely great and that a lot of us can’t wait for the second season to come. In fact a lot of people might have even started reading the books, but the funny thing about that is the fact that they won’t learn much more about the story that’s being presented unless they read the first book and then stop and wait for more seasons to come. The books are not what the current show is about since the showrunner decided to push the story back, well before the books, and ha sought to explain the story a bit more before pushing onward. In a way this is great since it gives us a lot better look at what happened to Cintra and why, and how Ciri and Geralt came to be a part of each others lives. It also gave us a better look into Triss, Yennefer, and other characters that are pivotal to the story. Jaskier/Dandelion is a character that some people might truly enjoy while others are thinking ‘why is he here?’. Have faith, the bard has a part to play in the story that is less annoying and more meaningful at some point. Huw Fullerton of RadioTimes might offer more insight on this subject.

There’s already a lot of expectation for season 2 building as the rumor mills are going full tilt and the gossip is threading out along the internet like a gossamer web just waiting for each individual string to be plucked by those willing to accept any theory that might come along. If the show goes anything like the books, and so far it’s appearing that it will, we’ll still end up getting a killer story out of it, and yes, likely more scenes with Geralt relaxing in a hot bath.

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