10 Cozy TV Shows to Watch This Fall

10 Cozy TV Shows to Watch This Fall

A short love story: you, your favorite cozy blanket, and a comforting TV show. What more could you want this fall? We’ve got your back. If you’re in need of some cozy TV show recommendations, stay tuned for a top ten list of shows to watch this fall. 

Here are the ten most comforting TV shows to cozy up this fall.  

Gilmore Girls

10 Cozy TV Shows to Watch This Fall

Credit: Gilmore Girls

Let’s start with the most comforting TV show ever: Gilmore Girls. This TV drama is perfect for fall for so many reasons, one of them being the incredible chemistry between the two main leads, Rory and Gilmore. The mother-daughter relationship screams nostalgia. It’s full of warmth, simplicity, and deep emotions. One thing’s for sure, you’ll feel like a child all over again!


Another cozy TV show to watch this fall is definitely Friends. This group of close friends is everything we need to feel young again. It reminds us of the incredible bonds we make with people in our lives. You’ll want to call your friends and binge-watch Friends together. It’s an amazing comfort show to help you survive cold days.

The O.C.

The O.C. follows a group of young people as they navigate relationships in their teenage years. If you’ve ever watched this show, you know that it’s the ultimate comfort show. It will remind you of those reckless and carefree days when your only problem was whether a boy or a girl liked you back. So, if you want to feel like that again, it’s time to cozy up with The O.C. crew.

One Tree Hill

10 Cozy TV Shows to Watch This Fall

Credit: One Tree Hill

Another nostalgic show to binge-watch this season is One Tree Hill. It also follows a group of teenagers living in a small town and growing up together. There’s rivalry, jealousy, friendship, romance; you name it, this show’s got it! You’ll get emotionally invested in these characters’ stories, and it’ll make you forget for at least an hour about all your day-to-day worries.

This is Us

This is Us is one of the shows that make your heart melt. It’s an emotional story about a family and their lives across the decades. With each episode, you learn more about this family’s moments of joy, heartbreak, and love. You’ll get to connect with each and one of them on a deeper level as you watch them navigate the complexities of reality. If you’re all about family dramas, This is Us is for you!


Before Stranger Things, before Vampire Diaries, and before Good Witch, there was Charmed. Charmed is a fantasy show that follows the lives of three sisters after they discover they’re witches. Each sister has a specific power, and in each episode, they fight to save the world. Prue, Piper, and Phoebe are your ordinary women, but they actually have the power of three to help them protect the world from evil. You’ll feel all the emotions as you watch these sisters go through relationships and trouble at work while also saving the world. 

Ginny & Georgia

Gilmore Girls walked so that Ginny & Georgia could run. This cozy drama is for you if you’re all about mother-daughter relationship complexities. It’s as heartwarming as Gilmore Girls, with some different family dynamics. 

Gossip Girl

10 Cozy TV Shows to Watch This Fall

Credit: Gossip Girl

If you’re looking for a TV show that will take your mind off things that are bothering you, Gossip Girl is ideal for you. This drama follows privileged upper-class teenagers and their glamorous lives. These teenagers are no ordinary teenagers, though. Their scandalous lives revolve around a mysterious blogger, “Gossip Girl,” that takes over their lives by sharing all their spicy private life details.   

October Road

October Road is one of the best cozy TV shows for fall. It follows a best-selling author who decides to go back to his hometown to get over his writer’s block. What makes this drama so comforting is that it shows everyday small-town life. You’ll enjoy every single aspect of it as you cozy up on your sofa and unwind after a long day.

Modern Family

Modern Family is one of those TV shows with huge rewatch potential. You can watch it over and over again without ever getting bored of it. It’s hilarious, comforting, and heartwarming; what more could you want this fall? So, if you want to laugh your worries away, Modern Family is perfect for you.

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